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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | December 2015

Year 2015
December 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | December 2015
14 Dec 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System December 2015 Updates


Project Costing ERP System: Ship to Address in Purchase Order per Line Item

In TaskHub ERP Software, your company can indicate the warehouse to which the items will be delivered to when doing purchase requisition. Now, Synergix has added a column in TaskHub ERP so that for every line item, your company can indicate the shipping address information. This ERP feature is very helpful to take note of the final project sites to which the items will be delivered to. With this, when items arrived in your warehouse, the store man can lump the items together to be delivered to the same site which is an increased efficiency of your project management.


Payroll ERP System: Allow Half Day Leave for Employees with No Record in Payroll Timesheet

TaskHub’s payroll timesheet will consolidate all clock-in sheets for the day and can provide payroll users a summary of all employees with no record. From this ‘no record’ information, payroll users can choose to indicate the clock in details on indicating if the employee is on leave. Now TaskHub ERP system supports the indication of leave for the morning (AM), afternoon (PM) or full day leave. This will then auto-generate a leave application and will route for leave approval by the HR manager. With extending the leave to half day (AM/PM), your company gives better coverage for all different scenarios that your worker.


Manufacturing ERP System: Set Default Shipment for Purchase Requisition from Service Requirement Planning

In TaskHub Manufacturing module, users can route the process to sub con which can all be seen in the Service Requirement Planning screen. From this screen, the user can indicate the supplier name, service quantity and raise a service request that will create a purchase request. Now, TaskHub ERP is improved to automate the process by auto defaulting the shipment mode and term for the purchase request from the service requirement planning screen. This feature can, of course, be turned on or off by users, and the defaulted information can still be amended.


Project Costing Software: Subcon Claim by Percentage

TaksHub ERP is a comprehensive Project Costing solution that allows users to track and manage claims and certification from both the customer and sub con. In doing the sub con claim, users are given the flexibility to claim by quantity as well as the amount. TaskHub ERP Software has been revamped so that your company can track the sub con claims by percentage of the awarded contract as well. With this, a full scope of sub-con claim is ensured.


Payroll ERP System: Over Time (OT) Hours Rounding in Global Basic with OT Scheme

TaskHub ERP Global Basic with OT scheme allows the company to manage the payroll for employees with a basic salary and overtime pay. Over time payment can be done through fixed rate or rate factor. Your company can then indicate the hours when the OT will start to kick in. Now, Synergix has added an OT hours rounding which your company can use to round the time your users time in. For example, you can indicate the when user clock in for the first thirty minute (0000-0030), he will not receive OT but he will thereafter (0031-0100). This feature makes your OT payment more accurate.


Report and Business Formats

Travel Card for Rework Business Format

Delivery Order Invoice History Report

Fixed Asset Depreciation Report

General Ledger Detail Home Currency by Segment Report

Travel Card Format to Display Allocation Remarks