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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | February 2015

Year 2015
February 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | February 2015
26 Feb 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System Feb 2015 Updates


TaskHub ERP Reports – Save Report Filter Data

With the enhancement, users will now be able to save all report filter data for repeated and easy generation of reports!


TaskHub ERP Software – Global Customer Master Filter and Sort Company Address

Users can now search for addresses easily in the Global Customer Master, as we have introduced the new function for the Customer Address to allow users to filter and sort in TaskHub ERP System. 


Project Costing ERP Software – Showing Back Charge Items to Subcon in Format

TaskHub ERP System has been updated to show the back charge items and current back charge amount in the Subcon Progress Claim in Summary format for Subcon reference. This will benefit customers that are using our Projects ERP Software for Singapore construction firms.


Contract Management ERP Software – Summary Screens Enhancements

Synergix has enhanced the processing summary screens to include the Created By/Date, Posted By/Date, Last Updated By/Date for easy user references. Salesperson name is also shown in the Contract Quotation and Contract summary screen of our ERP System Contract Management module.


Contract Management ERP Software – Enhancement to Contract Adhoc Credit Note Business Format

Users can now print the external remarks in the Contract Adhoc Credit Note business format and this feature would be useful for customers using our local Contract Management module. 


TaskHub ERP Solutions – Module Configurations Update

Synergix has completed enhancements to the Module configurations, such that mouse-over hints will appear to guide users on the Module Configurations in TaskHub ERP Solutions. System setups for the individual modules have also been migrated into the Module Configurations for easy reference.


Inventories ERP Software – Stock Status for Lot Tracking Inventory Report

Improvements have been made to the Inventory report for users to filter the report by Inventory Code, Brand, Category, Class, Model, Location as well as Supplier. This would greatly benefit users whom are using Inventory Lot Number tracking in the TaskHub Singapore ERP system.