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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | July 2015

Year 2015
July 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | July 2015
26 Jul 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System July 2015 Updates


Manufacturing ERP Software: Barcode Scanning to Track Inventory Movement

TaskHub ERP supports barcode scanning capability to track the incoming and outgoing movement of inventory from the warehouse. Especially in a manufacturing industry, a wrong input of inventory code or name resulted in mismanagement of warehouse stocks status. This helps to ensure an accurate record of inventory information and to reduce the time for data entry.


Inventory ERP System: Warning Message to Notify User of the Correct Tax Amount

This is a warning feature wherein it informs users from accidentally changing the tax amount to the cost of any purchased goods if the supplier is a GST registered firm. Whether the company is a GST registered or not will be pre-maintained in the settings screen. This new update would help to reduce the error caused by indicating the wrong tax amount especially for companies in manufacturing sector.


Inventory ERP System: Availability of Subject Field for Inventory Voucher

With TaskHub ERP, the user will be able to have a field to enter the voucher description for the case of any incoming or outgoing inventories. Hence whenever the user needs to search for a particular inventory voucher, the system will be able to sort out for them according to the entered description. Especially for Trading & Distribution Business, this is to ensure accountability for every inventory movement and ease of searching the voucher especially manufacturing firms.


Construction ERP Software: Flexibility of overwriting item quantity for Purchase Requisition by Approving Officer

TaskHub ERP gives the flexibility to allow purchase requisition approving officer or usually the site managers to overwrite the item quantity raised by the site workers. This is to reduce the time taken to reject the PR and for the site user to edit and then send for approval again. With this feature, PR can be approved at a faster rate especially if the requisition is urgent.


Payroll ERP Solution: Choice of Loan Release Method by Employee

When applying for a loan via our web-based ERP, the user can indicate if he wants this loan to be released together with the payslip or to release separately from the payslip. This is helpful if the employee in construction industry needs the loan urgently and does not need to wait till the payslip date to attain this amount. Hence TaskHub ERP will be able to generate a Loan Acknowledgement Slip displaying the outstanding loan amount for the employee to sign off.