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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2015

Year 2015
June 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2015
26 Jun 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Software June 2015 Updates



Procurement ERP Software: Combine PRs according to their Source Voucher

TaskHub ERP now allows you to filter Purchase Requisition (PR) forms according to their Source Vouchers. The system will list project source vouchers in an additional column as well as their corresponding purchase requisitions tagged to the project. The user may drill into the source voucher number to gain information regarding the project and the tagged PR forms. As the system only shows projects with a business unit that the user has access rights to, information on purchases for the projects is protected.


Inventory and Service ERP System: Auto Reflection of History Service Unit Cost

TaskHub ERP now supports automatically pulling out of service pricing depending on the level of priority set by the user. Priority can be set to zero (0) so that system will not pull the price from last purchase and the user may input manually. Contrary, a non-zero priority value will trigger the system to pull out the last purchase cost depending on the matching supplier code, service code, and currency code. This feature provides ease to the user in determining the correct service price while allowing the flexibility of manual price input.


Sales ERP Software: Enable Inventory Search by Sales Channel

In addition to searching inventory using inventory code, description, stock type and customer code, Taskhub ERP now supports searching of an inventory using Sales Channel (i.e. country, product or brand) in the Sales Order screen. As the employee is tagged to a specific business unit, they may only see the inventory pertaining to their business unit and search items based on the inventory list tagged under the assigned business unit and sales channel.


Warehouse Management ERP Software: Monitor Your Warehouse Capacity using pre-selected UOM

Taskhub ERP now supports conversion of the UOM from the original inventory to the UOM of the designated warehouse. For example, if warehouse X records goods by pallets (where one pallet has 5 units) then a receipt of 10 units of goods A can now be registered as 2 pallets for the designated warehouse. The user can also now have a once glance of the warehouse maximum, occupied and available capacities through the enquiry screen to monitor warehouse status.


Project ERP Software: Lock Project Quotation Voucher when Modified

Avoid overwriting and double entry of changes made to project quotations as Taskhub can now lock an entire project quotation voucher being edited to disallow another person to open the voucher as long as one user is currently amending it.


Purchasing ERP System: Allocate a Back Charge for Sub-Contractor

The current Purchase Order (PO) module allows the tagging of the order to a project or a subcontractor. With this new feature, TaskHub ERP will auto-raise a back charge voucher when the PO is tagged to a sub con. Details from the PO screen will automatically flow to the Subcon Contract screen which improves coordination between users and ensures that no back charging is overlooked.


Supplier Management ERP: Export Supplier Price List Feature

TaskHub ERP will now support export ,on top of the current import feature, of the supplier price list to an excel file. Furthermore, the system includes validation to make sure the that the imported file has invalid data or format.This way, transferring of supplier price list information in and out of the system has never been more convenient for any user.


New Reports

1.Grand Total Quantity in Weighted Average Report

2.Project Invoice Weight and Quantity Detail

3.Standard Contract Assets Listing Report

4.General Ledger Sum by GLAN and Period (with option for filter and remarks)

5.Commission Report