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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2015

Year 2015
March 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2015
26 Mar 2015
TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System March 2015 Updates


Project Costing ERP Software – Showing Back Charge items to Subcon in format

TaskHub ERP has been updated to show the back charge items and current back charge amount in the Subcon Progress Claim in Summary format for Subcon reference. This will benefit customers that are using our Projects ERP Software for Singapore firms.


Project Costing ERP Software – Material and Services Requisition and Enquiry

With the new Projects ERP Software Cost Item Enquiry and Request screen, users will be able to see the consolidated lists of BQ items budgeted for the project. For Inventory items, users would then be able to check stock availability across warehouses in the Material Requirement Planning screen. If purchase is required, a Material Request would be automatically generated to route for approvals and subsequent PO procedures. This will be helpful for construction’s site supervisor whom can easily raise material request for their respective projects from the construction job site.


Sales ERP Software – Sales Claim process and Retention

In the Sales Order screen, users can now define the different Stages of Work, and the respective claim percentages. Thereafter, users would be able to trigger outgoing shipment (Delivery Order) to customers, and hence the billing sales (for recognizing COGS and invoicing) and sales claim (for billing claim to customer). This would be useful for users that are handling simple Projects with billing by Stage of works in our Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.


Manufacturing ERP Software – Work in Progress Tracking and Business Analytics Tool (BA Tool) WIP Domain

In TaskHub Manufacturing Solution, ERP system users would be able to know the Work In Progress figures of their production through the WIP – Detail or WIP – Summary reports. Users would also be able to drag-and-drop to create their adhoc reports from the Business Intelligence Tool. This would be especially handy for cost tracking of production by companies in the Manufacturing environment.


Payroll ERP Software – Allow users to print their own IR8A Report

Currently, only officers in charge of the Employee Payroll Category would be able to generate the IR8A report. With the enhancement, users would be able to print his or her own IR8A directly from TaskHub ERP System without requesting from the HR department. TaskHub ERP System will control such that these users would only be able to print their own IR8A report. This would be especially useful for companies with more manpower resources.


Project Costing ERP Software – Project Claim and Certification Workflow to enable Creating of independent Claim and Certification Invoice 

TaskHub ERP system will be having an additional new workflow for the Project Costing ERP Solution to cater to the local construction firm operational requirements. Users would be able to submit a claim voucher when required, and all Claims will be parked at the “Pending Certification” stage for users enter the certified amount or estimated certification in the month end. As such, users would be able to generate multiple claim statements even if customers did not provide any certification for the project. Construction firms and project companies would benefit largely from the new process flow in the TaskHub Project Costing ERP Software.


Project Costing ERP Software – Subcon Claim and Certification Workflow to enable Creating of independent Claim and Certification Invoice 

Similarly, the Subcon Contracts will also have similar workflow to handle Scope of Work that is awarded to your Subcontractors. When Subcon submits their Claims, users would be able to capture the Subcon Claims in TaskHub ERP, and all Claims will be parked at the “Pending Certification” stage for users to certify only upon inspection or verification etc. Certifications would be routed for approvals before Payment Response is sent out to Subcontractors. This would be useful for contractors with multiple subcontractors, as TaskHub Projects ERP software would be able to easily manage all claims and certification figures for the individual Subcon contracts, at the same time capturing the subcon costs under the Project WIP Costs.


Payroll ERP Software – Employee Annual Payroll Summary Report 

Synergix Technologies would be adding a filter by Employee Payroll Category to allow users to filter and generate reports for a certain groups of employees only. This new filter would be very handy for HR or payroll users of the TaskHub Payroll, Timesheet and eLeave ERP System Modules.


Payroll ERP Software – Additional Payment Summary screen filter date

The Additional Payments Summary screen has been enhanced to allow users to filter by the date fields with “Date From” and “Date To” to allow more precise filtering. HR or payroll users would be able to make use of the filter in all Additional Payments tabsheet in TaskHub ERP System.