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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2016

Year 2016
March 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2016
04 Mar 2016

Project Costing Software: Import Function for Cost Allocation Module

TaskHub ERP System has a Mobile Clocking Screen where workers can use the biometric device or the employee code to record where they work and the system will auto pull out the timestamp. Typically, workers still need to choose their project number. Now, we have aimed to improve efficiency further as the ERP system will remember the most recent project clocked in and the next worker will have that project as the default unless changed. With this, workers need not worry about knowing which project number they are working at and clocking in will be even faster.


Trading and Distribution ERP System: Rebate Tracking and Maintenance

It is common among buy and sells companies to have the rebate from their suppliers. We have added a new feature which will allow your company to maintain the different rebate codes from your suppliers, and the rebate amounts. In the sales quotation screen, the salesperson can indicate if there are any rebate for this item. Later on, in the rebate claim screen, a summary of all the rebate amounts can be seen. This will serve as a reminder for the company to claim the rebate and will later reflect to give a more accurate gross profit report.


Payroll ERP System: Added Date of Payment Field

TaskHub ERP system is always revamped to meet the latest requirements from MOM. Now, we have added a field called “Date of Payment” under payroll generation screen. This date of payment will be the date when the employee receives their salary and it will be printed in payslip. (MOM require payslip to contain “Date of Payment” with effect from April 2016). This shows that Synergix is always putting effort to make the system most up-to-date to the requirements and regulations.


Field Servicing Software: Additional Feature Function for Enquiry Call and Service History

TaskHub’s Service module allows users to receive calls and to indicate the enquiry details, to be referred to later if further servicing is done. To make the screen even friendlier, we have added a search function for the status column at the enquiry call. With this, users can prioritize on the servicing that is needed according to the status, which will improve the response time and quality of the company.


Trading and Distribution ERP: Increase PO Voucher Number Length to 12 characters

TaskHub ERP has a highly tailored numbering scheme which companies can use to differentiate their transactions to different users, departments etc. For example, one purchaser may focus on the purchases for one type of product while a second purchaser may focus on buying only another type of product. Now, we have increased the PO voucher length to 12 characters (from 10) to allow companies higher flexibility in creating running numbers, making each voucher more meaningful and personalized.


Reports and Business Formats

  1. TimeSheet Audit Trail Report – This report will show the records where clock in/out details are amended (record different from the time that is being clocked in)
  2. General Ledger Detail Home Ccy By Segment Report – Add Remarks in the Report For Management
  3. Project Cost and Margin report with Filter by Financial Year & Period
  4. Project Sales and Margin Report – Filter by Financial Year & Period
  5. Employee Annual Payroll Summary report with display of Employee CPF