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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2014

Year 2014
May 2014
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2014
26 May 2014

Enhanced Coverage for those under Annual Maintenance Service Package!

Feel FREE to request for services indicated below at ZERO COSTS, including:

  1. Free Feature and Reports Upgrades, i.e. Free for All new features and reports announced in our monthly Newsletter!
  2. New! FREE Report Enhancement Request (most of the time – depending on complexity):
  • Adding of filters and columns in our software into our standard reports
  • Hiding columns in current standard reports
  • Adding of name / description on top of displaying the code (e.g. Printing Customers Name instead of only Customer Code in the reports)

3. New! FREE Screen Enhancement Requests:

  • Hiding of fields on our screens
  • Adding of name / description on top of displaying the code (e.g. Printing Customers Name instead of only Customer Code in the reports)
  • Additional Remarks Tab Sheet at requested screen voucher level.


SALES ERP – Stock Reservation for Sales Quotation

Our new stock reservation feature in the Sales ERP module will allow salesperson to indicate how many quantity to be reserved. The Sales ERP stock reservation will be automatically allocated to the sales order once the quotation is confirmed. The stock reservation in Sales ERP is subject to overriding from management to cater for more urgent orders or failed quotations. This feature will be useful for our customers using our Sales ERP module , Manufacturing ERP module and Production ERP Software module.


PROJECT ERP – Customer Progressive Claim Excel Format Enhancement

Our exported excel file for customer progressive claim in Project ERP module now comes with another format. Instead of listing the claim details in BQ format, TaskHub now able to export the claim in another format which follows the phase and sub-phases of the project . For example, phase 1 is followed by phase 1.1 , then followed by sub-phase 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.2 and so on. This extra format will benefit our customers which deals with multiple claim format in their project progressive claim. As such, this useful release will be available for users of our Project ERP, Project Costing ERP, and Project Management ERP Software Module.


PROJECT ERP – Flexibility to perform cost budgeting by phase level

TaskHub gives flexibility for user to indicate the budget cost by phase level, in addition to the existing detailed cost-budgeting feature at each individual sub-phase level in our Project Costing ERP Module. This will allow Project ERP user to indicate the estimated total cost for the phase for scenarios where lump sum budget costing is preferred. This new feature will benefit users of our Project ERP, Project Costing ERP and Project Management ERP Software module.


PAYROLL ERP – Generation of Two(2) pay slips in a month of advancement

Our Payroll ERP Software can generate two pay slips in a month  and cater for advancement as well. Advancement will be paid in first pay slip, whereas the remaining salary will be paid in 2nd pay slip. This enhancement will benefit our customers which links payroll to our Construction Software, Project ERP, Project Management ERP Software especially.


PAYROLL ERP – Generation of Pay Slips separately for basis salary (end of the month) and OT (next month)

Another pay slip generation combination is now available in our Payroll ERP Software. Our ERP Software will pay all the salary amount excluding OT at the end of the month, whereas the OT will be paid in 2nd pay slip (mid of next month). This enhancement will benefit our customer which links to payroll for Construction Software, Project ERP, Project Management ERP software especially.


New Month Reports Release includes:


  1. Fixed Assets Summary Detailed Report -available in excel format. This new report allow viewing of fixed assets across different departments, which is useful for companies adopting our, Manufacturing ERP (Machine Listings), Project Costing ERP (Equipment or Machine Listings), Contract ERP (Operational Asset Listings) and Service ERP (Equipment Listings)
  2. Contracts Assets Listing Reports to list down all their assets where about in our Contract ERP Software Module. The assets will be tracked on whether it has been delivered, relocated, recalled at which customer and whether it is available to deploy for other contract usage. Our users of Contract ERP module will have full transparency on their assets at real time.

iii. BOM Listing Reports to show all the materials that is needed in the build-up or production of the finished goods in our Manufacturing ERP and Production ERP Software Module.

  1. Inventory with Content Report for our customers in disassembly production in order to break down one material into various material with different content. Our inventory will be able to support the various contents in individual item. This report will be able to show or hide costs and will be available across all our modules in Sales ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Project Costing ERP, Project Management ERP, Contract ERP and Service ERP Software solution.


Should you have any queries, please email our helpdesk team at  help_taskhub@synergixtech.com for support.