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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2014

Year 2014
September 2014
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2014
26 Sep 2014

Synergix Technologies is the only vendor invited to showcase our products in BCA pavilion during Build Tech Asia event taking place from 14th – 16th October 2014!


Project ERP System – Biometric TMS scanning of worker attendance
TaskHub integrated Biometric TMS scanning of the clock in and clock out timing is automated with checks on employee timing to make sure that employees do not accidentally clock out accidentally even if they have scanned their fingerprints twice!
Payroll ERP and HR ERP – Track Designation history, Update Next of Kin Information in Employee Master
Companies can now organise their employee biodata, including their list of Next of Kin information, past history Designation records and date period in TaskHub Employee Master screen.


Manufacturing ERP – WIP Semi Finished Goods Tracking and storage
If production is paused before the finished goods are produced, users are able to convert the WIP semi finished goods as inventory for storage. TaskHub ERP System would be able to track and park WIP costs to the semi finished goods.


Manufacturing ERP – Employee Work Order scanning Timesheet screen
This new module will allow machinists to scan their work order travel card to record the activities and machine that they are using for the day. Machinists can operate and work on multiple activities and machines, allowing TaskHub ERP System to have an accurate and timely updates on all Work Order statuses on the production floor. TaskHub ERP System can also trace if multiple employees are working at the same Work center concurrently!


Manufacturing ERP – QAQC Non Conformance Report (NCR) Status tracking
Users would be able to track the QAQC processes through the NCR status, namely Pending entry, Pending Manager Disposition, Pending Customer Disposition, Pending Submission, Completed and Void.


Business Analytics ERP – Warranty and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Module Domains
The latest Domain created for the Warranty and RMA Modules give users the flexibility to Drag and Drop and create their personalized Reports and Dashboards on the Business Analytics module with breeze. In general, it will be useful for companies using our Manufacturing ERP and Trading and Distribution ERP Software.


New monthly reports release includes:

  1. Project Cost ERP– Subcon Certification by Project Phase Report. This report will show the scope of work breakdown for your Project, and the respective Subcontractor names, Claim No and Certified amount by your Subcon versus Main contractors. Project Managers will know, at the click of a button, the overall project claim status, certified revenue, project cumulative cost, and percentage returns.


  1. Project Cost ERP– Customer Project Invoice and Credit Note Report. This report will show the invoices and credit note amount created for each project.


iii. Project Cost ERP – Supplier Project Invoice and Credit Note Report. This report will show the supplier names, invoices and credit note amount created for each project.


  1. Sales ERP – AR Sales Tax Report.This report can now cater for Down payment Invoices created for the customer sales orders.