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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2015

Year 2015
September 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2015
28 Sep 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Software September 2015 Updates


Logistic ERP Software: Attachment Feature to Delivery Order Screen

Whenever a delivery is being made, the delivery man needs to be updated with the items and details for each delivery. Hence, TaskHub ERP system allows users to make use of the attachment feature to upload any necessary documents pertaining to the delivery so that the delivery man can easily extract out for reference.


Project ERP Software: Re-organization of Menu Bar

As TaskHub ERP system seeks to meet the requirements of all our customers, there is a myriad of features for users to tap on. Hence, the Project Menu Bar will be re-organized to provide a cleaner look for users. This provides an easier way of navigation around the site and to look for the correct features.


Service ERP Software: Approval Feature for Equipment Servicing

As labor cost is a key component for any business, services provided by a company must be tracked carefully. Hence in TaskHub ERP system’s service performance screen, we have included an optional approval feature. Before any serviceman travel down to site for a service job, superiors can exercise the option of having the job approved first. This is to prevent any unnecessary unwanted labor cost.


Inventory ERP Software: Barcode Scanning Integration

As time is of the essence in business, TaskHub ERP integrates Barcode Scanning technology. Hence in order to track inventory movement from delivery order, goods receiving from purchase, ad hoc addition and deduction of items, user can simply scan the barcode of the items. The system will automatically update the inventory status for that warehouse.


Project ERP Software: Project WIP Reports in “Year to Date(YTD)” and “Accumulated” Version

As monitoring the WIP status of the project is vital for any project-nature industry, TaskHub ERP allows the user to generate WIP reports that show the list of projects with their actual costing and billing, recognized cost & billing and WIP cost & billing in YTD level or Accumulated level. YTD level shows data from the first period of selected year to current period while accumulated level reflects information from beginning of project up till the selected year including the chosen period. Both reports are also available in a detailed breakdown version or in a summarized format.