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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2019

Year 2019
October 2019
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2019
23 Oct 2019

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support in using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning System. Synergix Technologies is committed to pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefits of all customers.

We would like to bring to your kind attention the following updates for the month of October 2019.

In this October’s update newsletter, we are glad to introduce our new widgets to our Synergix ERP system Users. From Dashboard screen, ERP Software users are able to see a quick overview of various modules. Software users can enable the widget by going to Dashboard Setting then dragging and dropping available widgets from My widgets list to My Dashboard.

1. Top 10 Customer Sales – Module Code: AR

Synergix ERP Software users now can choose to display Top 10 Customer Sales Widget in My Dashboard. The widget reflects the company’s top 10 customers of the year.

Top 10 Customer Sales_ERP System2. Aged Receivable (By Due Date/ By Voucher Date) – Module Code: AR

In Synergix ERP System Screen, Aged Receivables Dashboard System will display data accordingly as at current date and aged based on Due Date or Voucher Date.

Aged Receivable_ERP System3. Aged Payables (By Due Date/ Voucher Date) – Module Code: AP

With Aged Payables Dashboard, ERP System users can view data accordingly as at current date and aged based on Due Date or Voucher Date.

Aged Payables_ERP System4. Work Pass Expiry – Module Code: HR

This is an important alert so that ERP System users can take action to renew an employee’s work pass.

Work Pass Expiry_ERP System5. Certification Expiry – Module Code: HR

Some workforce needs the certifications to enter to a job site. Thus, Certification Expiry is important for ERP Software users to take necessary follow-up action.

Certification Expiry_ERP System6. Daily Work Order Status – Module Code: MFG

The widget Daily Work Order Status allows Synergix ERP system users to have an overview of work center outstanding and completed tasks so that users can be aware of tasks that should be completed and prioritized.

Daily Work Order Status_ERP System

7. Newly Awarded Contract – Module Code: MC

With Newly Awarded Contract, Synergix ERP System users can easily see there are newly awarded contracts from which customers as well as contract amount. From the data, system users can make some necessary arrangements such as assigning an engineer to a job site, identify billing frequency, etc.

Newly Awarded Contract_ERP System8. Upcoming Project – Module Code: PJ

The Upcoming Project widgets will show you the newly awarded projects that ERP System users need to be in charge of with total contract value as well as project duration. With these information, users can start to plan their project budget, manpower & equipment allocation for the project before the project start date.

Upcoming Project_ERP System

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