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Notice on Firefox Security Encryption

Year 2017
May 2017
Notice on Firefox Security Encryption
08 May 2017

Dear Customers,

In recent days, you may have noticed a pop-up from Firefox while at Synergix’s login page that says,

“This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised.”

We would like to clarify that this pop-up is due to Firefox’s new security feature to encourage more advanced Internet Security. Please do not be alarmed as this pop-up does not mean that our server connection is less secure than before.

However, it is still worthwhile to consider upgrading your system for better security encryption.

With this is mind, our proposal is as follows:

Step 1:

  • To implement a Fully Qualified Domain Name that is accessible both internally (over office LAN) and externally (over the Internet).
  • This will require technical expertise as well as in some cases additional hardware for DNS server, subject to your existing network complexity.
  • Estimated effort: 3 man-days

Step 2:

  • Buy an SSL Certificate from a Certificate Authority (starts from $150/year).
  • When the SSL Certificate is used, it acts as a ‘password’ to your server, such that the information in your Synergix system will be unreadable to other parties, except the server that you are sending information to.
  • This certificate needs to be purchased and reinstalled to the server every time it expires, as well as requiring technical expertise to verify the Fully Qualified Domain Name in the purchase process.
  • Estimated effort for Purchase of SSL Certificate: 0.5 man-days
  • Estimated effort for Installation of SSL Certificate to server: 0.5 man-days

To find out more, please contact our Sales Group at sales@synergixtech.com and we will be happy to assist you.