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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2017

Year 2017
August 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2017
24 Aug 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of August 2017:

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Enhancement in Period End Closing process of GL Module as well as GL Posting Process

  1. When users perform Period End Closing for GL module, the GL balance will be brought forward to the next period as well as future periods according to GL Invalid Future Period, and for a maximum of 6 periods.
  1. When users post a transaction, it will not only be posted to the current period, the system will also carry forward this amount to future periods according to GL Invalid Future Period, and for a maximum of 6 periods.

With this enhancement, users no longer need to perform Period End Closing in order to print subsequent months’ Trial Balance and GL Ledger reports.

For the posting process to run smoothly, please be reminded to maintain Financial Year/Period for the following year as well. E.g. Current period is 6/2017 when performing Period End Closing from period 6 to 7, the system will bring forward GL balance to period 7, as well as to period 8, 9, 10, 11, 12/2017 and 1/2018. Hence, users need to maintain FY2018 so that GL closing will be updated correctly.

Field Service Management ERP Software: E1 Service Order Screen (Form Code TH6_SERVICE_ORDER)

Synergix E1 now has a new E1 UI Service Order screen which enables users to do Service Planning and Service Performance. This new UI offers users an autocomplete search function, as the system will auto-display the relevant search results when part of the item name is keyed in.
Besides the current business formats for TH5 Service Order, the E1 Service Order offers two more business formats that can be used with the E1 Service Order screen: Service Order BF (FC 6427) and Service Order Checklist (FC 6449).

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Stock Reservation at TH5 Sales Quotation (FC 6322)

We have added a new feature in the TH5 Sales Quotation voucher screen to allow sales users to take stock reservations for customers. When this feature is switched on, an option called “Count as SQ Back Order” will appear in the Sales Quotation Detail tab. If the customer requests for reservation of goods during the quotation, the sales user can check this option to indicate that the quotation quantity of this line item will be counted as Sales Quotation Back Order Qty (the quantity is taken out from Free Balance to prevent other users from utilizing this reserved quantity).
To switch on this feature, go to Module Config à Sales à Sales Quotation and set the option “Enable Sales Quotation Back Order Tracking” to Yes.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Enhancement to show “Requestor” in TH5 Purchase Order Screen (FC 6319)

In the TH5 Purchase Order voucher screen, we have added a new “Requestor” field to increase convenience for users. The Requestor’s name can be indicated and amended if the PO is newly created at the PO screen, but not if the Requestor was flowed down from a previous Purchase Requisition voucher.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: New Columns in TH5 Combine PR Screen (FC 9103)

In the Combine PR screen, we have added two new columns which are “Requestor Name” and “Creator Name”. This will make it easier for users to use the screen, as they will be able to see the Requestor and Creator Names before clicking onto the individual PR vouchers.


  1. IR8A Report – for individual employees (FC 24826)
    This report allows individual employees to view their own specific IR8A report.
  1. P&L – Breakdown by Service Code (FC 5265)
    This new report shows all billed vouchers, reimbursement vouchers, as well as the allocated cost transaction to the project.
  1. LG Tax Invoice (Standard) – now with Customer Code filter (FC 7784)
    The LG Tax Invoice (standard) business format now comes with a new Customer Code filter.
  1. Sales Analysis by Salesperson Report – now with Customer Category filter (FC 7679)
    We have added a new Customer Category filter to the Sales Analysis by Salesperson report.
  1. Receipt Register with Project No. – now with Project No. filter (FC 2729)
    We have added a new Project No. filter to the Receipt Register with Project No. report.