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Synergix E1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Updates | Dec 2017
Year 2017
December 2017

Synergix E1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Updates | Dec 2017

22 Dec 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of December 2017:

Project Management ERP Software: E1 Project Order – UI Enhancement for Downpayment and Retention, and Retention by Phase (FC TH6_PJ_PROJECT_ORDER)

We have updated our E1 Project Order UI to move the location of Downpayment and Retention fields into the Job Scope / BQ tab (refer red box below) from their previous location in the Header tab. This is to make it easier for customers to edit or update retention and downpayment without switching tabs back and forth.

If the Billing Type is “Bill by Progressive Claim”, then “Retention By Phase” will be enabled for selecting. (refer red box below).
Once retention by phase is ticked, the “Progress Retention %” column will be displayed for each phase and the user will be able to indicate the retention percentage.
This UI enhancement will be added to your system at your next deployment.

Accounting ERP Software: TH5 Staff Claim – Enable GL Posting Date based on Claim Date or Last Approval Date


We have enhanced our Staff Claim feature so that the admin user can choose between Claim Date and Last Approved Date as the GL Posting Date. This will give your company the ability to update and track your General Ledger more accurately.

To turn on this feature, please go to Module Config > Staff Claims > “Staff Claim GL Posting Date Based on” > set to “Claim Date” or “Last Approved Date”.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Auto-Post Billing Purchase Voucher (FC 0251)

We have added a new feature to enable auto-posting of Billing Purchase on submission of Goods Receipt Voucher. Once the voucher is submitted, the system will auto-post the voucher to Billing Purchase as per standard flow, as well as auto-posting the Billing Purchase to AP Invoice. (Note: This only works for companies that practice 1 GRN to 1 invoice).

Therefore, once a Logistic Incoming Shipment voucher is submitted successfully, it shall appear directly in AP Invoice outstanding summary instead of Billing Purchase summary.

To turn on this feature, please go to Module Config > Logistic > Outgoing > “Enable Auto Posting of Billing Purchase on Submission” and set to Yes.

Project Management ERP Software: E1 Profile of Service Location – Addition of new Service Personnel Type “Work Team” (FC TH6_PROFILE_OF_SERVICE_LOCATION)


We have added a new Service Personnel Type in our E1 Profile of Service Location screen so that users can select the service personnel by Work Team (refer below in red box), in addition to Employee Name.

This will make it easier for users to assign Work Teams to service the items, instead of adding the Employee Names individually.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: TH5 Purchase Order – Import Excel File (FC 6319)

For users with large Purchase Orders, we will be introducing a new feature to Import Excel File into the Purchase Order screen.

Users can download the PO Template from the “Import Excel to PO” window and copy over the corresponding information from their suppliers before importing. Therefore, they will be able to save the time required to key in items individually.

The feature is currently already added to recently deployed customers and if not, it will be activated on your next deployment.

Reports and Business Formats

  1. Inventory Ledger With/ Without Cost Reports – now with Project No., Reference No. (FC 3070 and FC 3071)

    We have added two new fields to our Inventory Ledger reports to include Project No. and Reference No.
  1. Sales Order Report By Sales Person – now with filters for Inventory Code, Sales Channel, and Sales Route (FC 2880)We have added several new report filters to this report such as Inventory Code, Sales Channel, and Sales Route. Please be reminded that Sales Channel and Sales Route usage are only for specific customers on our Mobile Sales module.
  1. Aged Receivable by Voucher Date, Group by Customer, Currency Report– now with Customer Category filter (FC 9110)We have added a new Customer Category filter to our Aged Receivable by Voucher Date, Group by Customer, Currency (Detail with Nature & Home) (Aged by Months) Report.
  1. Outstanding Sales Order by Inventory Report – now with “SBU” filter (FC 2898)We have added a new SBU Code filter into our Outstanding Sales Order by Inventory Report.
  • Selected Sales Reports – now with SBU Permission setting
    We have added SBU Permission to three Sales Reports, namely:
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Summary by Line Item Sales Person (FC 5292)
  • Sales Report By Line Item Sales Person (Excel) (FC 4550)
  • Total Sales Summary By Line Item Sales Person (Excel) (FC 4555)

We have added a permission code in Role Master so that if “Enable SBU Security” is set to Yes (refer below screenshot), the user can only see the reports that are viewable for his specific SBU. If the option is set to No, then the user can filter the reports by different SBU and access the data.