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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | December 2018

Year 2019
January 2019
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | December 2018
03 Jan 2019

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. With the goal of pursuing innovation and improving usability in order to benefit all of our customers, in the newsletter this month, we would like to update you on the release of Synergix E1 Dashboard widgets and our latest ERP software features.


We are pleased to announce that Synergix E1 Dashboard will be released on 11 January, 2019.

The main focus of this E1 Dashboard update is on customisation. Once the system has been updated to the latest version, users will be able to personalise their dashboard. This means that users will be capable of tapping on dashboard personalising features ranging from the choosing of widgets, right down to the re-arrangement and re-sizing of widgets. These features can be entirely configured based on the preference of each individual user.

As release will be done in phases for this update, kindly refer to the widgets released in this phase as follows:


  1. Project Summary

This provides an overlook view of active projects and serves as a snapshot of individual company’s projected health. This information is derived from key metrics such as Project Value, Estimated G.P %, Billing Completion %, Cost to Date and Cost Completion %.

  1. Upcoming Projects

This widget will present a list of projects that are confirmed and initiated, giving Project Managers a glimpse of upcoming projects so that they can plan and make necessary arrangements in advance.

  1. Projects Due for Review

This widget is designed for users of the Project Activities Management (PAM) screen in Synergix E1. With this widget, users will only see projects tagged to them. The main purpose of this widget is to reminds users of pending reviews in the PAM. If the review date has passed, this widget will highlight the overdue project/s to the users by means of a striking red font. Through the use of this widget, users can gain quick access to PAM by simply clicking the Project Code. This makes accessing PAM a swift one-step process to review project activities.

  1. Projects Due for Actions

This widget is designed for users of PAM as well. This widget allows users to only see projects tagged to them. In this widget, key activity information such as Customers, Activity Description, Assigner and the Date are displayed. Thus, allowing users quick access to update their activity progress in PAM.


  1. Certification Expiry

This widget keeps track of expiring employees’ certifications. Expired certificates can often be overlooked especially when a company has numerous employees and even more certifications. This widget alerts and brings to attention expiring certifications and ensures employers punctually renew their employee’s certifications.

  1. Resignations

This widget keeps track of resignations within the company. The objective of this widget is to provide at a glance, employees who have tendered and are leaving the company. This is so that employers can make the necessary recruitment plans in advance, and execute the appropriate exit procedures in a timely manner.

  1. Workforce Distribution

The objective of this widget is to provide an overview of how workforce is distributed within the company. Two points of analysis will be provided to the user. Firstly, a pie chart consisting of employees classified by their working pass. This will give them a good overview of the necessary work pass ratio in the company. This information will help HR managers in facilitating workforce ratio/quota planning. Secondly, another pie chart will show the workforce distribution by departments. This will help HR managers understand the company’s HR needs for each department and to plan for future growth.


  1. My Particulars

Aside from showing employee personnel’s particulars, this widget will also provide short-cuts to user related features such as the Employee Profile Update, which allow users to update contact details and particulars, or easily access the Change Password screen to change their password.

  1. My Staff Claims

This widget keeps track of recent staff claims and gives employees a quick view of the approval status of their claims. Thus, allowing users easier access to checking this claims approval.


Our dashboard widgets are controlled by our system’s role permission settings.
Go to: Master Setup > Administration > Security > Role Master

  1. Select a role
  2. Go to Dashpane Permission
  3. Choose the widgets for the particular role
  4. Check with users if they can now view the options on their Dashboard Settings screen


Step 1: Go to Dashboard Settings screen.

You will find the link to the Dashboard Settings screen at the top right corner of the system.

Step 2: Understand the Dashboard Settings Layout

Our Dashboard Setting screen is divided into 3 sections.

a) My Dashboard

This section is the skeleton of your personalised dashboard.

b) My Widgets

This section contains the widgets that you have permission to access.

c) Preset Dashboards

This section contains predefined dashboards customised for existing users. If your company has not customised any dashboard, you can ignore this section.

Step 3: How to add Widgets

Adding widgets into the dashboard cannot be easier, simply drag and drop the widgets into My Widgets on My Dashboard. You can place them anywhere on the grid.

Step 4: Resize and Rearrange

To resize the widget, users simply have to click on the arrows in the desired direction they wish to scale the widget.

To rearrange the widget’s position, you can drag the widget by selecting the top left corner of the widget and dragging it onto an empty spot on the grid.

Step 5: Back to Dashboard

The updated system also makes it easier for users by auto saving the current state of their dashboard. Once users are satisfied with the overall configuration of their dashboard, return to the Home screen to view the updated personalised dashboard live.

Users can return to the dashboard by clicking the Home button located at the top left corner of the system.

Synergix team is working extra hard to release new widgets every few weeks. Finance users can look forward to new widgets such as Aged Receivables, Aged Payables graphs, Monthly Cash In & Out, etc. Stay tuned to our E1 Dashboard updates in our monthly newsletter!


  1. Integrated ERP solution with Logistics and inventory control: Incoming shipment – Mandatory Supplier Invoice Number and Supplier Invoice Date (FC 0251)

We have added a feature that allows users to make Supplier Invoice No. and Supplier Invoice Date mandatory at Incoming shipment screen so that whoever receiving goods can only proceed after keying in this information.

  1. Integrated ERP software with Procurement modules: Purchase Order Approval Summary – Show Reference no. (FC 9009)

For customers using our TH5 Purchase Order module (FC 6319), the approving officer will be able to see an additional column – Reference No. at TH5 Approval Summary screen (FC 9009). This is so that purchaser can make use this field in PO screen to denote any important information that they wish to highlight to the approving officer, and Approving officer will be able to see this information at one glance, without having to preview the PO voucher.

  1. Project Management ERP Software: Subcon Claim vs Maincon Claim Certification (FC 4336)

We have designed a new report for customers who are using our Project Order with Cost item budgeting. This report allows users to keep track of Customer’s Certified Qty and Amount (revenue) vs Subcon Certified Qty and Amount (Cost) for easier comparison.

  1. Project Management ERP Solution: Project Quotation – Control on Costing Sheet button (FC TH6_PJ_PROJECT_QUOTATION)

This feature enhancement is to alert users when using the irrelevant costing method to avoid possible data corruption. For customers who are using Budget Category costing method for projects, there is no need to maintain cost items at Project Quotation – Costing Sheet button. Should there be any users who wrongly create cost items, system will prompt an alert message “Error: Costing Sheet is not applicable, because Costing by Budget Schedule has been turned on. Please contact System Administrator should there be any enquiry on the setting”