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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | February 2016

Year 2016
March 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | February 2016
10 Mar 2016

In line with our dedication to better serve our clients, we constantly focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP) innovation. Here’s our ERP module updates for February 2016.


Manufacturing ERP System: Additional Control on Items Issued to Production Floor

In TaskHub ERP System, users can issue stock to the production with the Stock Issue module. Once items are issued, production users will be alerted and production can start. As raw materials for production are critical and can be costly, we have added a feature to ensure that the correct item and quantity is allocated to the production. Now, users can enable a feature so that the system will validate the stock issue such that the storeman can only allocate less than or equal to the allocation quantity of the work order. This additional and optional alert can ensure that manufacturing costs are within control and raw material wastage is reduced.

Project Costing Software: Import Function for Cost Allocation Module

TaskHub ERP Project Solution has the complete and most accurate cost tracking in the Singapore Market. Aside from costs from materials, subcon, manpower, other costs for overheads can be captured in the Cost Allocation Module. Costs such as company rental, utilities, office supplies etc can be properly allocated to the projects. As these costs may be recurring, or could be a long list, we have developed an import function where users can have the overhead costs and import it to the system. Hence, data entry time can be reduced for users while still allowing to record down other adhoc costs.

Trading and Distribution ERP System: Barcode Scanning is Available During Transfer Order and Inventory Voucher

TaskHub ERP inventory module is a comprehensive module that allows not only goods receiving and delivery, but also transfers order and inventory voucher. Transfer order module is used to cater for inter-company inventory transfer. Likewise, inventory voucher module is used to account for system versus physical stock discrepancy. For example, if any physical addition or reduction is needed. Now, to have a more seamless process, barcode scanning is also made available no only during goods receiving and delivery order but also for the Transfer Order and Inventory Voucher module. Hence, with a simple scan, movement of goods is easier and faster.

Project Costing Software: Allow User to Edit and Add Allocation Details During Supplier Sourcing

TaskHub ERP Purchase module allows the accurate allocation of material and service costs to the specific project. For example, for one purchase voucher, user can indicate 10 of Pipe A is distributed as follows: 4 for Project A, 3 for Project B and 3 for Project C. Once these items and quantity are indicated, purchaser can now proceed with supplier sourcing where system will auto load the supplier list for the items. During this stage, suppliers may not have enough quantity needing the allocation to be changed. Now, TaskHub ERP is made more flexible as user can add or edit the allocation to the multiple projects even during supplier sourcing.

Trading and Distribution ERP System: Inventory Model Code Can be as much as 30 characters

TaskHub ERP numbering scheme throughout the whole system can be auto generated with a prefix and suffix or can be user-defined. Likewise, inventory items can be categorised to different models and brands as well. In TaskHub ERP System, your company will have more ease as inventory model code can have as much as 30 characters. This adjustment with code length will benefit companies who have a very wide range of model classification.


Project Sales and Cost summary report by project phasegroup

Project Sales and Cost summary report by month

AR Aging for project retention

AP Aging for Subcon Retention

Project Detail Transaction Report – group by service code