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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2017

Year 2017
June 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2017
15 Jun 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of June 2017:

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Promotion Price List by Price Group
Synergix E1 now gives users the ability to apply a specific inventory price to a set of customer price groups. This feature is linked to the Sales Quotation and Sales Order screens so that your sales users will now be able to allocate and amend different pricing for different groups of customers more conveniently than before.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Addition of ‘Remarks’ Field at Inventory Master
In this Synergix E1 update, your users can now add an inventory remark which will appear along with the item in Sales Quotation, Sales Order or Purchase Order, AR Invoice, and AP Invoice screens. This will enable your processing users to be informed of certain information about the inventory, such as it can only be sold to certain customers, or if it has been reserved by a certain customer.

Logistics ERP Software: Enhancement of Incoming Shipment screen to Enable Choosing of Source Voucher No.
To increase the user-friendliness of the Incoming Shipment screen, there will be an additional function in Synergix E1 for users to select and click into the Source Voucher No. (PO No.) instead of the existing Shipment Voucher No. For this feature to work, users need to go to Module Config: Logistic → Incoming: ‘Enable Choosing of Source Vch No. in LG Incoming Summary Screen’, and change the option to ‘Yes’.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Credit Limit and Credit Term Approval by SBU
For this update, we have enhanced all our Credit Limit feature to add a new approving method, which is Multiple Level by SBU. Users will be able to set different credit limit values and credit terms for each level, as well as the respective approving officers, resulting in more control over your company’s sales transactions with customers. To use this new feature, please contact our Helpdesk to enable this option for you.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Enhancement to Customer Master to include new Default Fields and ‘Inactive’ Status
The Customer Master will be updated to include new default fields such as Credit Limit, Tenor Term, and Sales Tax. This means that in the respective sales screens, once the customer is selected, the system will be able to display this information accordingly, without the sales user having to select the options individually. Additionally, there is also an ‘Inactive’ status that can be given to customers who have not transacted with the company in a while.


  1. Cost Layer Ledger Report
  2. Lead Listing – now with filter by Country Code
  3. Employee General Listing
  4. Billing Sales Report
  5. Monthly Payment Summary by Project Report