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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018

Year 2018
June 2018
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018
08 Jun 2018

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of June 2018:

1. Trading & Distribution ERP solution: Cater Return to Original Lot feature in TH5 Adhoc Production and Incoming Shipment (FC 8689 & FC 0251)

Previously, Synergix ERP system has an option that allows users to return stock to selected in Inventory Voucher (Physical Addition), Stock Return, AR Credit Note and Transfer Order screens. We have enhanced our system so that this feature could be applied to Adhoc Production and Incoming Shipment screens. This feature will be especially useful when you do repairs or minor adjustments to your existing inventory in our Adhoc Production screen and the finished goods are added back to their original Lot no. for tracking purposes.

2. Integrated ERP system: Supplier Service Price List with Brand (FC TH6_SUPPLIER_SERVICE_PRICE_LIST_WITH_BRAND)

We have developed this new Service Price List which will be useful if your company has an agreed upon price list with your supplier for a certain list of service items for a specific period of time.

For each of your supplier, users can create an effective period of the price list. Within this period, users can add unlimited numbers of service items, brand and unit price that your supplier has agreed on. This feature will be useful when your suppliers have a contractual agreement with you on the unit price of services they render.

3. Trading & Distribution/Manufacturing ERP software: TH5 LG AR History Variation to update LG Outgoing Shipment (FC 6201 & FC 9007)

We have added this new option which updates the relevant information in Synergix ERP Logistics Outgoing Shipment screen for any variation done to the respective AR Invoice voucher in AR History.

As users make variations to AR History voucher, the system will automatically update these changes made to the respective Logistics Outgoing Shipment Voucher to ensure smooth flow of information between departments.

4. Project Management ERP solutions: All Modules to check PJ Financial Year/Period when updating Cost to Project

We have enhanced our project costing solution to have additional control on any transaction that would incur additional revenue/cost to the projects. With this option, you can prevent users from submitting transactions that fall beyond the valid Financial Year and Period. E.g. if you set your valid Financial Year/Period to 2018/06 – 2018/07, a transaction that would incur costs to 2018/05 would be prevented from submission.

5. Project Management ERP software: TH5 Cost Allocation to allow negative WIP Allocation (FC 03717)

We have added flexibility to our Cost Allocation screen so that user can now allocate negative WIP to project. This cumulative actual cost of the project can be negative.

6. Trading & Distribution/Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning Software: TH5 Inventory BOM – Option to display only Inventory with BOM (FC 8687)

We have added this option for users to filter only the inventory with BOM. This will be useful if your company has thousands of inventories and only a few of these have BOM. Users will be able to use this filter to narrow down to view only the inventory with BOM so that they do not have to search through thousands of inventory codes.

Item 6 1024x304 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018

7. Project Management ERP Solution: E1 Project Order – Selection of Service Type (FC TH6 – PJ_PROJECT_ORDER & TH6 – PJ_PROJECT_ORDER_BQ_NO_COST_ITEM)

We have enhanced our Synergix ERP Project Order module to allow the selection of services that are covered in each of your projects. This selection is for reporting purposes only.

Item 7 1024x542 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018

8. Project Management ERP Solution: TH5 Project Quotation – Allow to overwrite “SBU” in Outstanding/History (FC 01862)

With this new update, Synergix ERP system will allow users to make changes to the “SBU” field in Project Quotation Outstanding or History screens. This will be helpful because sometimes at the point of tendering process, users might not know/confirm which SBU this project belongs to. Therefore, users preparing quotation can input common SBU at first. Later on, when the tender is awarded and respective SBU is confirmed, the system gives you the flexibility to overwrite the SBU selected earlier without having to revise the entire quotation.

9. Project Management ERP Solution: E1 Project Budget – Budget Schedule tag to Workhead Group for reporting purpose (FC TH6_PJ_PROJECT_BUDGET)

We have upgraded our Project Budget screen to allow users to tag each budget schedule to Workhead Group. This workhead group can be your Trade code as per BCA’s classification and can be used for reporting purposes. Users can set Workhead group at Parent or Child budget schedule level.

10. Enterprise Resource Planning Solution: Service Master – Image and Attachment (FC 6048)

We have added these 2 features at our Service master maintenance screen – add Image and Attachment.

Image: you can now store image related to the service code so that purchaser can preview photos for easier identification at Purchasing Requisition and Purchase Order screens.

Attachment: you can upload any service specifications or product brochure this Attachment tab so that your salesperson can easily download this brochure and send to customers together with the quotation. Or your purchasers can easily refer to this product brochure to make sure that supplier is providing you with the standard list of specs as per your requirements.

Item 10 1024x551 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018

11. Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software: Opportunity Forecast Report (FC 6574)

For all our customers using Synergix’s CRM module, we have developed a new report to help you manage your pipeline better. This report shows for each of your salesperson, the list of items they have forecasted to sell, estimated unit value, probability and expected margin.

12. Project Management ERP Solution: Project Estimation vs Actual Report (FC 01865)

We have added new filter parameters to let you generate Project Estimation vs Actual Report only pertaining to the selected Service Code and Inventory Code.

Item 12 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | June 2018

13. Project Management ERP Solution: Track Record Report (FC 5042)

This new report will work if you are using the new feature above “Selection of Service Type” followed by Project Service Order Request and Project Service Order Performance. This report allows users to analyse the services performed for your customers under each of the projects as it shows – Service Job Number, Project number, Service rendered, Date commenced and Date Completed.