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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2018

Year 2018
March 2018
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2018
16 Mar 2018

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of March 2018:

Project Management ERP Solution: E1 Project Service Tracking modules to better manage your customer service enquiry calls (FC TH6_PJ_SERVICE_ORDER_REQUEST, TH6_PJ_SCHEDULE_BOARD, TH6_PJ_SERVICE_ORDER_PERFORMANCE)

We have developed new modules to efficiently manage service enquiry calls for your active projects.

The first new screen, Project Service Order Request enables your staff to log enquiry details while having a quick reference to important information pertaining to the project such as Project Scope of Work & team members in charge of the project.

The second screen, Schedule Board, will display a list of unscheduled service orders so that your planners will not miss out any of the service requests pending for planning. Our user-friendly calendar view of your work teams’/engineers’ schedule will also help your planners to check their availability and allocate service orders accordingly.

The third screen, Project Service Order Performance is for your work teams/engineers to check assigned service orders to be completed, add remarks, upload photos for proof of work done and mark status of completion so that your support team can closely follow up with your customers.

Project Management ERP Solution: TH 5 Subcontractor Clam – Changes to fields (FC 12121)

Please kindly be informed that there will be changes to our TH5 Subcontractor Claim screen. We will be adding an extra field called Response Date. The Claim Date represents the date that your subcontractor has submitted the claim voucher to you, whereas the Response Date represents the date your company is getting back to your subcontractor on their submitted claim.

Once you have processed your sub-contractor claim certification, the system will check that AP invoice date to your sub-contractor is not earlier than the Response date. Response date will also be displayed in Subcon claim reports.

Additional changes to this screen would be:

  • “Claim Sequence No.” renamed to “Claim No.”
  • “Revision No.” moved next to “Claim Voucher No.”

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: E1 Sales Order – Prevent submission if Order Quantity exceeds Free Balance Quantity (FC TH6_SALES_ORDER)

We have added a new feature to the E1 Sales Order, which allows admin users to define whether they want the system to show a pop up to prompt the salesperson, or to prevent them from submitting the sales order if the order quantity is larger than the free balance available. This helps your salesperson to ensure sufficient quantity is available to fulfill the order before they make a commitment to customers.

1 2 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2018

Synergix ERP Software: Staff Claim – Hide Draft/History tab (FC TH6_SC_STAFF_CLAIM)

We have added a security feature to the Staff Claims screen where you can prevent users from having access to either Draft claims or History claims. This setting can be done at the Role Master [FC 9014] screen.

2 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | March 2018

Reports and Business Formats

  1. Rental & Service Management ERP Solutions – Outstanding Contract Service Report (FC 4288)

This new report helps users to better manage your active contracts by summarizing for each contract – the Number of Services Completed, the last Service Order Date, the next Service Order Date, Service Frequency and Contact Person.

  1. Field Service Management ERP Software – Schedule Summary Report (FC 4287)

This report helps you to analyze the lead time of your service performance team. You can filter by service order number, customer code, and customer address. The system will generate for you a summary report consisting of Service Personnel Name, Service Order No., Customer details, Service Start & End Time, as well as Duration in terms or Hours or Days.

  1. Field Service Management ERP Software – Summary of Servicing with Routine Checklist (Standard) (FC 4284)

This business format works with Service Order E1 screen. It will enable you to see Item Serviced together with the Serial No., list of Billables, Service Personnel and Routine Checklist for each Service Order. This will be useful to send out to your customer as a proof of service completion.

  1. Field Service Management ERP Software – Monthly Sales & Cost Summary Report (FC 4305)

This report is to show Contract Invoice and Service Invoice according to Payment Method, Report Group that based on Invoice Date and Service Order Date. Service Cost is also shown in this report.

  1. Field Service Management ERP Software – Service Order Summary by Customer (FC 4300)

This report allows users to filter by Customer Code and it retrieves a list of Service Orders, Service Rendered, Total Pre-Tax Amount for each Service Order and Status of Service Performance.

  1. Field Service Management ERP Software – Service Cost Detail Report (FC 4302)

This report enables your users to analyze sales and cost of historical service orders in more detail. It shows Inventory/Service Consumed during servicing, Supplier for this item, Total Item Cost, Pre-Tax Amount of the item, Service Personnel, Service Order No. and Invoice No.