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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2017

Year 2017
May 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2017
11 May 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of May 2017:

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Service Item UOM in AR Invoice & Credit Note Screens

Synergix E1 now gives users the ability to select Unit of Measurement (UOM) in the AR Invoice and Credit Note screens. With this new feature in place, your users will be able to select the most suitable UOM to display on your AR invoice and Credit Note business formats to your customers, resulting in more efficiency and higher service level for your customers.

Accounting ERP Software: Currency Filter at Transaction Voucher Summary Screen

In this Synergix E1 update, your Accounting users can now filter by Currency at the Transaction Voucher Summary Screen. This makes it easier than ever to track and view your list of current and history Transaction Vouchers according to different currencies.

Logistics ERP Software: Enhancement of GRN No. to support both Auto and Manual Numbering

There will be an additional function in Synergix E1 to enable GRN No. Manual Numbering in addition to the existing Auto Numbering feature. This will enable your users to input their own GRN numbers for easier denotation and tracking of incoming shipment vouchers.

Logistics ERP Software: Enhancement of Employee Lookup by Short Name

For this update, we have enhanced all our Logistics screens to add a new field for lookup by Employee Short Name, in addition to the existing Employee Code and Employee Name. This will result in greater flexibility for your users who now enjoy greater ease in looking up their colleagues’ names in the system.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Enhancement to Enable Amendment of Purchase Orders originating from Purchase Requisitions

We have also added the ability for your users to amend more fields in the Purchase Order vouchers originating from Purchase Requisition. This will be useful in cases where certain voucher information (e.g. Subject, Shipment Information, Payment Information, and Remarks) have been amended since the point at which the Purchase Requisition was first made.



  1. Standardization of Business Format naming for increased user-friendliness, E.g. Standard AP Tax Invoice is changed to AP Tax Invoice (Standard)
  2. General Ledger with Detail Amount in Home Currency – now with filter by Segment 1
  3. Project Actual Cost Report by Transaction
  4. Salesman Commission Report
  5. Stock Status by Inventory Category and Location (Excel format)