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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

Year 2018
May 2018
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018
16 May 2018

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System updates for the month of May 2018:

1. Integrated ERP System with Accounting: AR Invoice Summary – Display Customer PO number (FC 6201)

We have enhanced our AR module to include Customer PO number in the AR Invoice Summary screen so that Account users can search outstanding invoices to the customers with respective PO Numbers more easily.

2. Contract Management ERP Solution: TH5 Contract and Contract Billing (FC 6304, 6317)

We have improved our Contract modules to give users more flexibility to input a different Billing Party from the Customer you are contracting with. This will be especially useful when you are providing services to the subsidiary (Company A) but the parent company (Company B) is making payment for the invoices under this contract.

contract billing - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

contract billing 2 300x216 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

3. Project Management ERP System: TH5 Subcon Claim – Auto Email with Claim Voucher’s Attachments (FC 12121)

We included one more setting in Email Configuration “Include Attachments of certified Claim in the email”. With this option, Synergix can pick up not only the Formats keyed in “Format(s) to be attached in email for certified Claim”, but also the files uploaded under Remarks & Attachment feature in Subcon Claim Screen and attach together with the email.

subcon claim - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

4. Integrated ERP System with Accounting: TH5 AP Invoice and AP Credit Note (FC 6819 and 6320)

Our AP Invoice and AP Credit Note screens can now allow users to less off the overall amount in Invoice and Credit Note. In addition to the Debit entry and Credit entry by default in AP Invoice and AP Credit Note respectively, users can input Service or Inventory to minus off from the AP Invoice amount or AP Credit Note amount. Upon submission, Synergix system will Credit Expense (for AP invoice) or Debit Expense (for AP Credit Note) accordingly.

5. Project Management ERP Software: TH5 Purchase Request and Purchase Order – Additional Approval method by SBU, Item Type & Amount with Option to Route by Project Members (FC 9102 and 6319)

For TH5 procurement modules, Synergix approving methods are now more comprehensive with this new approving method. The system can allow approval routing to different Departments based on the Item Type (eg. Request for Stationery Items routed to Admin whilst Request for Forklifts/Excavators to be routed to Project department). Furthermore, within each department, users can set up multiple Approval Amount Limit and within each limit, they can indicate Multi-level Approving Officers with options to route to Project team members (eg. sequence of approval routing to project team members could be: Purchaser > Project Manager > Operation Manager)

additional approval method pr - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

6. Synergix ERP Solution: E1 Service & Inventory Brand Maintenance (FC TH6_SERVICE_AND_INVENTORY_BRAND)

We have created new E1 Service and Inventory Brand Master screen which allows users to create Brand Code with Brand Name. With this feature, you can now store multiple brands under one inventory code (the previous version only allows users to tag one inventory code to one brand, so if you carry the same SKU with various brands, users had to create new inventory code).

7. Synergix Accounting ERP Solution: TH5 Currency Maintenance (FC 6024)

To simplify and increase the user-friendliness of the TH5 Currency Maintenance screen, we have removed the fields, “Maximum Spread %” and “Spread % Base” as they are not in use by customers. This change will be reflected in your next server deployment.

8. Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Sales Quotation Listing Report (FC 4585)

This report is helpful for management/Sales managers to analyse the performance of the salespersons. Users can filter by salesperson and report will display all quotations created by the salesperson, items quoted in the quotation, unit price, margin and whether or not the item has been converted into Sales Order.

sales quote listing report - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

9. Project Management ERP Software: Project Listing Report by Project Category (FC 4594)

Users can filter by Project Category and this report will summarize all transactions (billing/cost) taken place in the projects under this category.

project listing report by category - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018

10. Project Management ERP Software: Project P&L Statement by Cash Basis Summary & Detail (FC 4313, 4312)

Project profit & loss report of the Current Month, Current Year Up-To-Date and Accumulated Profit & Loss based on Cash Receipt from customers as revenue and Payment made to the suppliers & subcon as Expenses.

pl statement by cash basis - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2018