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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Nov 2017

Year 2017
November 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Nov 2017
24 Nov 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of November 2017:

Project Management ERP Software: E1 Project Order – Allow Addition of Sub-Phase in Project Order variation (FC TH6_PJ_PROJECT_ORDER)

We have updated our E1 Project Order to enable Phase Variation for Outstanding (Active) Projects, so that even when the Project is at “Outstanding” phase and has been invoiced for a phase (e.g. Phase 1), users can still do a Project Order Variation for the Project to add sub-phases (e.g. Phases 1.1 and 1.2), and then later on invoice the client for the newly added phases. This will result in better convenience for users who may have to add on charges to an active Project.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: TH5 Logistics Outgoing – Auto-Issue Lot/ Serial Number Quantity (FC 9007)

We have enhanced our Outgoing Shipment screen so that when the user submits a Sales Order which flows into Outgoing Shipment, the system will default issue quantity for all line item having a lot and serial inventories to the required quantity. This will save the need for users to manually pick the Lots/ Serial Numbers to use for delivery purposes.

For inventory with Lot No., the system will automatically pick the Earliest Expiry Date.

For inventory with Serial Number, the system will pick the Serial No. based on earliest created date.

To turn on this feature, please go to Module Config > Logistic > Outgoing > “Default Issue Quantity for Lot and Serial No.” set to “Yes”.

Project Management ERP Software: TH5 Project Claim – Allow Negative Qty/Amount for “This Claim/Certified” (FC 91181)

We have enabled support for Negative Claim Amount at our Project Claim screen. Users will be able to adjust over-claimed/over-certified amounts as the system will generate a Claim Invoice (for Positive Invoice Amount) or Claim Credit Note (for Negative Invoice Amount) upon submission of the claim.

Please note that when reversing the over-claimed/over-certified amount:

  • “This Retention” is only allowed a maximum value of 0
  • “AR Credit Note” and “Back Charge” tabs will be deactivated
  • Downpayment will not be recovered

Project Management ERP Software: TH5 Stock Return for Project – Enable Return Item as Different Item Code at Partial Cost

Our current Stock Return works such that when a user returns an inventory, the system will increase the Quantity On Hand and Inventory Cost in the system. This new feature allows users to return an inventory which is different from the initially issued inventory.

With the new feature switched on, in each line item at the Stock Return screen, there will be a checkbox for the user to choose “Return As Diff Item”. After the user selects this checkbox, the system will allow him to indicate the “Different Inventory Code” and input “Returned Qty”. Upon submission of the Stock Return voucher, the system will increase Quantity On Hand and Cost of this new item code.

To turn on this feature, please contact our helpdesk to help you turn it on from the back-end.

Accounting ERP Software: Insert Deposit/Withdrawal into Bank Book for Cancelled Payments/Receipts

We have added two new features for Bank Book:

1) Insert Deposit into Bank Book for Cancelled Payments

2) Insert Withdrawal into Bank Book for Cancelled Receipts

Both features can be switch on at Module Config > Bank Book > “Insert Deposit into Bank Book for Cancelled Payments” and “Insert Withdrawal into Bank Book for Cancelled Receipts” set to “Yes”.

Turning on this feature means that if the user cancels a Payment voucher or Receipt voucher, the system will always insert a Deposit voucher (for Cancelled Payment) or Withdrawal voucher (for Cancelled Receipt) into Bank Book.

If this feature is set to No, the system will react accordingly:

a) If cancellation falls in a different month with the initial Payment/Receipt, the system will insert a Deposit/Withdrawal voucher into Bank Book upon cancellation. The system will prompt the user to continue submission of the voucher or to stop submission.

b)If cancellation falls in the same month with the initial Payment/Receipt and the Payment/Receipt is selected under Draft Reconciliation voucher, the system will treat the voucher in the same way as described in (a).

c) If cancellation happens to a Payment/Receipt which is already reconciled, the system will insert a Deposit/Withdrawal voucher into Bank Book.

d) If cancellation falls in the same month and the initial Payment/Receipt is not selected in a Reconciliation Draft, the system will remove the Payment/Receipt from Bank Book.

Reports and Business Formats

Besides the normal report updates for this time, we would like to take this chance to highlight that future released reports will be supported in Excel only. This is to enable easier transfer of information, as well as more flexible sorting and filtering for our report users.

  1. Renaming of Existing Reports

For better naming consistency of existing reports, we will be renaming the following reports to include more information in their names:

Form CodeCurrent NameNew Name
5275AP Credit NoteHistory AP Credit Note Detail Listing
9307AP Invoice SummaryHistory AP Invoice Summary with Outstanding Amt
9302AP InvoiceHistory AP Invoice Summary/Detail with Item & Outstanding Amt
9308AR Invoice SummaryHistory AR Invoice Summary with Outstanding Amt
9303AR InvoiceHistory AR Invoice Summary/Detail with Item & Outstanding Amt
2835Receipt RegisterReceipt Register with Application Details
2580Payment RegisterPayment Register with Application Details


  1. Inventory Ledger with Cost Report – Exclude Suspended Inventory (FC 3070)

We have added a new report filter for the Inventory Ledger with Cost Report, which will enable users to exclude all suspended inventory from being displayed.

  1. Customer Listing Report – now with “Payment Tenor” filter (FC 3122)

We have added a new report filter for the Customer Listing Report by customers’ Payment Tenor.

  1. Statement of Account in Nature Currency Report – now with Main Customer Code (FC 2077)

We have added a new Main Customer Code to our Statement of Account Report, so that when users have tagged different customer codes to a main customer code in Customer Master (e.g. Companies “ABC (Singapore)”, “ABC (Australia)” and “ABC (USA)” are all tagged to Main Customer “ABC”, the user will be able to generate this report to display how much Customer ABC owes in total across the different entities.

  1. Stock Issue Requisition Business Format – now with Line Item Remark (FC 4213)

We have added a new information field into our Stock Issue Requisition Business Format which will now show the Line Item Remarks under Inventory Description.

  1. Sales Order Report by Sales Person – now with “Inventory Code”, “Sales Channel”, and “Sales Route” filters (FC 2880)

We have added three new filters to the Sales Order Report by Sales Person to include Inventory Code, Sales Channel, and Sales Route filters (for users of Mobile Sales module).