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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Oct 2017

Year 2017
October 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Oct 2017
30 Oct 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of October 2017:

Business ERP Software: Overall UI Enhancement – Form Search
1 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Oct 2017For better usability, we have added a new Form Search bar at the top of the screen with a Smart search feature, so that users can easily find and navigate to other screens in the system. This UI enhancement will take place in the next upcoming server deployment.

Business ERP Software: Approval by Profit Margin at Project Quotation
We have added a new approving method for Project Quotation: by Submitter, by Officer System Role, and by Profit Margin %. This approval-related information can be maintained at the Approving Officer screen (FC 1478).

2 1024x333 - Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Oct 2017
Following the information maintained above, when a user submits a Project Quotation, it will be routed to the Sales Manager for the first round of approval. If the Profit Margin % of the Quotation is greater than or equal to 10%, the quotation will be approved once the Sales Manager has given approval.

Otherwise, if the Profit Margin % is less than 10%, after the Sales Manager’s approval, the quotation will then be routed to the Head of Department for the second round of approval.

After the Head of Department approves the Quotation, if the Profit Margin is less than 5%, it must be routed to the Boss (CEO) for a final round of approval.

Enhancement in System to Auto-Post Billing Sales upon LG Outgoing voucher submission (FC 9007)
This is the modification to the existing Logistic Outgoing screen (Form code: 9007).

There is a new Module Config that the user can switch on which can be found in Master -> Logistic -> Outgoing -> “Enable Auto Posting of Billing Sales on Submission” and set to Yes.

When this config is switched on, then the user clicks the Submit button in an Outstanding Logistic Outgoing Shipment voucher, the system will post the voucher to Billing Sales as per standard flow.

After that, the system will also auto-post the Billing Sales voucher to AR Invoice (Note: This only works for companies that practice 1 DO to 1 invoice). Therefore, once a Logistic Outgoing Shipment voucher is submitted successfully, it shall appear directly in AR Invoice outstanding summary instead of Billing Sales summary.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Supplier Inventory Price List by Project – Import Function (FC E1_SUPPLIER_INVENTORY_PRICE_LIST_BY_PJ)
We have added a new Import feature for the Supplier Inventory Price List so that your users can easily import their price list into the system instead of adding in items separately, thus increasing their level of convenience.

At the Supplier Inventory Price List screen, your user can download a template which will show them the fields needed to be filled in. Once they have filled in the information accordingly, they will be able to import the Excel sheet into the system to mass update the Supplier Inventory Price List.

Project Costing ERP Software: TH5 SQ (FC 6322), E1 SO (FC TH6_SALES_ORDER) – Add Customer Short Name column in summary screen
To increase convenience for customers, we have added a new column “Customer Short Name” on the TH5 Sales Quotation and E1 Sales Order screens. This is especially useful if your customers are commonly referred to by another informal name, as it will avoid situations where new staff are unable to identify all the clients speedily.

To switch on this feature for Sales Quotation, go to Master -> Sales -> Sales Quotation -> “Display “Customer Short Name in Sales Quotation Summary” and set to Yes.

To switch on this feature for Sales Order, go to Master -> Sales -> Sales Order -> “Toggle Visibility Columns in Sales Order Summary Table” and set to Yes.

Reports and Business Formats

  1. Project Revaluation Report – Accrued Revenue/ WIP Balance Billing (FC 2795)
    We have added a new report which will display each Project No.’s recognized revenue amount in the nature currency, and compare against the recognized revenue amount in home currency.
  1. E1 Service Order Checklist Business Format (FC 6449)
    This is the standard business format which will display the Item Serviced with its Checklist Group/Checklist Items and Attachment (if any) for each Serial No. in the Service Order.
  1. Inventory Voucher History Report – now with “Inventory Adjustment Type” filter (FC 3041)
    We have added a new filter into our Inventory Voucher History Report so that your users will be able to filter reporting information by Inventory Adjustment Type.
  1. Outstanding Sales Order By Sales Person Report – now with “Customer/Party Code” and “Customer PO No.” filters (FC 3456)
    We have added two new filters to our Outstanding Sales Order by Sales Person Report so that your users will be able to look up reporting information by the additional “Customer Code” and ”Customer PO No.” fields.
  1. Stock Status Report – now with new “Inventory Supplier Code” filter (FC 2802)
    We have added a new filter into our Stock Status Report so that your users will be able to check Stock Status according to different Supplier codes.