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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2017

Year 2017
September 2017
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2017
29 Sep 2017

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of September 2017:

Project Costing ERP Software: New UI for E1 Project Order Screen (TH6_PJ_PROJECT_ORDER)

For better usability, we have improved on our Project Order UI to include a Side Panel which displays Project Value, which can save users the scrolling required to check on Project Value.

In the Project Order screen’s “Team Members” tab, the roles displayed will show all roles that are tagged at the Project Member Role Template screen (accessible from Master à Team Member Role Template, form code TH6_TEAM_MEMBER_ROLE_TEMPLATE). Please kindly maintain the member roles in the Role Template screen for the roles to appear accordingly at the “Team Members” information in the Project Order screen.

We believe that the new UI will bring about much better usability and smoother operations for new and current users alike.

Business ERP Software: Enhancement in System to replace usage of “Employee Name” with “Employee Short Name” in E1 and TH5 Employee Master (FC TH6_GLOBAL_EMPLOYEE/ FC 6165)

Many customers have reflected us that they use the “Employee Name” in the system to indicate their employees’ full name as per their NRIC. However, this results in difficulties for their users to recognize the correct employee names in the system as their employees may use a short name which is different from their Employee Name during work.

To provide a solution to this common occurrence, we will be enhancing the system gradually to make enhancements to common screens so that they will use Employee Short Name instead of Employee Name.

Therefore, starting from mid-October, once the “Employee Name” is keyed in at the Employee Master screen, it will be automatically copied over into the “Employee Short Name” field as well, however, we strongly recommend you to change the Short Name into the name that is used most frequently by the employee. This will increase convenience as your other users will be able to select and identify the employee by their Short Name easily in the system once the gradual screen changes are made.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Absorb Overpayment in TH5 AR Receipt as Additional Income (FC 6075)

We have added a new feature in our system to enable your finance users to absorb customer’s overpayments into a set General Ledger Account Number (GLAN), for example, “Additional Income”. This can be useful in times when your finance users would like to close off the remaining small amount balance in an AR Receipt. Once the overpayment is done, your financials will be updated correctly in your Profit & Loss Reports. Our system will also support Segments for this feature so that your staff can indicate which Segment and which GLAN for the remaining amount to be added into.
To switch on this feature, go to Module Config  Accounts Receivable and set the option “Enable Overpayment in Receipt” to Yes. Once set to Yes, there will be another sub-config in the same screen which will let your staff set the Default GL Account No. to absorb overpayment, as well set as the Default Segment.

Project Costing ERP Software: Permission Setting Enhancement for E1 Supplier Inventory Price List by Project (FC 9014)

For our Project customers which are using the E1 Supplier Inventory Price List by Project (FC TH6_SUPPLIER_INVENTORY_PRICE_LIST_BY_PJ), we have added a feature for your staff to set different permissions for different users. For example, you will be able to set some users who can only view the price lists, as well as give more rights to other users who will be able to edit/ create new price lists.
This will increase usability for your staff who will be able to refer to the price lists themselves, and also protect your information from being amended by anyone except the users who have given the specific rights.
To switch on this feature, go to Master -> Administration -> Security -> Role Master (FC 9014) and set the user’s permission as “View Only”.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Enhancement to show Sales Order No. in TH5 Billing Sales Screen (FC 9048)

We have added a new column in our existing Billing Sales screen which will let users see the Sales Order No. on the screen. This will make it easier for them to filter out the relevant Invoice vouchers more quickly and thus provide better service to customers in events where they call in to check on the status of their invoices.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: New Approval Summary (E1) Screen (FC TH6_APPROVAL_SUMMARY_NEW)

We have created an improved Approval Summary screen which will support users’ approval for Staff Claims. The new screen will result in better usability for our customers and a smoother transition of the approvals.

1. Inventory Listing (Excel) format – now with Inventory Detail Description (FC 3809)
We have now added a column to show Detail Description in the Inventory Listing Report and also enabled the report to be generated in Excel for better usability.

2. Bank Book Sales Tax Report – now in Excel (FC 5220)
This new format in Excel will also come with dynamic columns to increase usability.

3. Customer Listing – now with SBU filter (FC 3122)
The Customer Listing report now comes with a new SBU filter.

4. Sales Quotation by Sales Person Report (FC 3452)
We have included a new column “Internal Remarks” which users can toggle an option to show/ hide on the Sales Quotation by Sales Person Report.

5. Project Actual Cost Transaction Listing (FC 5256)
We have added a new report which will list down actual costs of the project-related transactions according to each Project No.