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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2016

Year 2016
August 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2016
03 Aug 2016

Dear All,

As a result of Synergix Technologies’ continuous innovation and development into our Synergix E1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, we are pleased to present you with the following system updates for the month of August:

Trading & Distribution ERP System: Pack Size Adjustment in Logistics Outgoing

Synergix E1 now introduces the Auto-Repack function which can be activated during outgoing shipment, stock issuing or ad-hoc assembly. Our system can automatically trigger the repacking of inventory from stock-pack size to order pack size, administering you with more control over your stock shipments or issuing when it comes to different units of measures.

Trading & Distribution ERP System: Auto Lot/Serial Number Picking in Logistics Outgoing

Some companies are practicing the First In First Out (FIFO) process. To support this workflow, Synergix E1 ERP has the automatic lot/serial number picking feature whereby the system will automatically pick quantities by the earliest expiry date or creation date, depending if your inventory is lot-tracking or serial number tracking. The use of this feature can greatly reduce any obsolete inventories that may not be suitable for sale or use in production.

Manufacturing ERP System: Display Sales Quotation History in Inventory Enquiry

Synergix E1 ERP allows you to view all of your Sales Quotation histories of a selected inventory in the Inventory Enquiry screen, where the system consolidates all of the quantity and price information of past Sales Quotations. You have the flexibility of toggling between Outstanding and History Sales Quotations, as well as showing or hiding all of the price information.

Customer Relationship Management ERP Software: Create Sales Quotation from Opportunity

You can now create Sales Quotation directly from Synergix E1 ERP Customer Relationship Management ERP System while viewing the customer’s information and opportunity. To eliminate double entry of sales items, Synergix E1 ERP will automatically push all of the line items and their unit prices in the customer’s opportunity screen into the Sales Quotation.

Trading and Distribution ERP Software: Sales Order Progressive Claim

With Synergix E1 ERP Sales Order Progressive Claim feature, the ERP system will retrieve all of the Sales Quotation that is available for progressive claiming. Apart from tracking and reflecting the claim sequence number, users will input their claim and certified quantity, and the ERP system will calculate the respective claimed, certified and retention amount.


  1. Stock Status Report
  2. Project Expenditure Update Report
  3. Unbilled Payables by Supplier Class & Category Report
  4. Inventory Aging Summary by Year Report
  5. Subcontractor Contract Claim Summary Report with Uncertified Balance