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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2018

Year 2018
September 2018
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | September 2018
21 Sep 2018

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your kind support and continued trust. Synergix commits itself to continue pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefit of all customers.

Here are our Synergix ERP System updates for the month of September 2018:

  1. Trading & Distribution ERP Solution: Serial Number Update

We have added new feature to our inventory management module to allow users to update new serial no. of existing inventory.

This will be useful when users want to replace existing stock with a new item without any implication of inventory cost or quantity.

This change in serial no. will be reflected under “Inventory Ledger with Serial No.” Report, which will display updated serial no. as well as the historical serial no. for reference.

  1. Project Management ERP Software: E1 Approval Summary – Project order variation to show both old and new value (FC TH6_approval_summary_new)

We have upgraded our Approval Summary for Project Order Variation for customers who are using our E1 Project Order screen and Enable Approval Process For Project Estimation Draft and Variation and use Approval Method = By Margin Variance %, Voucher Limit, System Role.

As approving officer clicks onto the project no., he will be able to see:

  • Old value (from Revision No. X) in grey colour, and new value (Revision No. X+1) highlighted in yellow color and displayed on top of the old value
  • For added Scope of works (VO-Addition or Original), system will highlight in green
  • For reduced Scope of works (VO-Omission), system will highlight in red

ERP System - Project Order Screen

  1. Integrated ERP software – Supplier Bank Information at Supplier Master (FC 6059)

We have enhanced our Supplier Master screen so that now users can update Supplier Bank information at Supplier Master screen instead of the Party Master screen.

Users can turn on this Global Configuration: Enable Local Supplier Bank Info = Yes, and users will be able to update Bank information for supplier at Supplier Master screen under “Local Info”.

ERP System - Supplier Master

  1. Integrated ERP solution – Bank Voucher Abort

For customers using our staff claims module, bank vouchers generated from Staff Claim voucher can now be aborted and it will be posted to GL with Module code = BK, Transaction Type Code = ABT, entries will be reversed to Staff Claim Voucher submission.

After bank voucher is aborted, system will update Staff Claim Voucher in History with status = A (A stands for Aborted)



  1. Integrated Payroll software – Payroll Detail By Employee (Excel) Report (FC 5273)

We have enhanced our existing report payroll Detail by Employee (FC 8671).

This report is optimized for Excel format, which displays the list of Employees and their salary component.

  1. Project Management ERP Software – Project Weekly Sales Report – exclusive of Retention, by Project Class (FC 4353)

This is one of the new project reports we have added for project customers.

This report allows users to analyse the total project sales revenue – exclusive of retention in summary by Project Class. Report shows weekly revenue, summary of each year, total value up to date.

  1. Project Management Solution – Project Monthly Sales Report – inclusive of Retention, by Project Class (FC 4354)

Another new report that will be helpful for our project customers to analyse total sales value– inclusive of retention by project class in summary. Report breaks down the value by individual month, total for the year and total value up to date.

  1. Project Management ERP software – Project Summary by Project Class in Home Currency (Security By Team Member) (Excel) (FC4553)

We have done enhancement to the existing report to add more columns useful for project managers to analyse projects such as Customer Code, Customer Name, and Segments

  1. Project Management Solution – Purchase Order with Allocation to Project Budget Schedule (Excel) (FC TH5R_PO_100006)

We have developed a new report for purchasers to be able to analyse the list of historical purchase orders, items purchased together with the project numbers that each item is allocated to, and their respective Budget Schedule. This will be helpful for purchasers to analyse the list of items purchased for individual projects to analyse which projects have been more efficient in materials usage.

  1. Project Costing ERP Software – Purchase Order without Allocation (Excel) (FC TH5R_PO_100013)

Another report for purchasers to analyse the list of items purchased without allocation to projects. This will be useful for users to double confirm that materials are purchased without allocation to project or just to analyse the list of purchased items for office usage/restock at warehouse.