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Synergix ERP Software Updates | April 2024

Year 2024
April 2024
Synergix ERP Software Updates | April 2024
29 Apr 2024

Dear valued clients,

We express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering trust in Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning Software. This correspondence aims to provide you with pertinent updates regarding our latest enhancements. These advancements underscore our continual commitment to innovation and the enhancement of user experience, all geared towards maximizing customer satisfaction. Below, you will find details regarding the April 2024 updates.

Payroll & Finance

1. Enhancement for Segment – Add Suspend Feature (FC: TH6_SEGMENT)

With this enhancement, users possess the power to designate a Segment Code as “Inactive,” granting them the flexibility to exclude certain segments from selection in processing screens. This enhancement applied to Segment Maintenance screen. 

In-depth Insight: This enhancement empowers users to streamline their workflows by concealing suspended Segment Codes from the lookup options within processing screens, enhancing efficiency and clarity in data management.

2.Payroll: Biometrics clock in by entering smart card number (Android Version)

Before, employees currently navigate through a multi-step process for clocking in, involving QR Code scanning followed by facial recognition.

After Improvement: Simplifying the process, employees will now utilize their smart card number for identification and proceed with facial scanning upon clocking in.

Rationale for Change:

  • Eliminates the need for HR to produce and distribute QR codes for each employee.
  • Enhances convenience for employees who no longer need to carry QR codes.
  • Reduces HR workload and potential disruptions caused by lost or damaged QR codes.


3.Add config to hide customize field in Inventory Quality Assurance and Quality Control tab (Form code: TH6_INVENTORY_ENQUIRY)
Apply to Module/screen: IC – Inventory Control  

This change revolves around providing users with the flexibility to customize the visibility of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control tab within the Inventory Master screen, catering to specific operational needs and preferences.

image 2024 04 24T01 53 28 597Z - Synergix ERP Software Updates | April 2024

4.Work In Progress Summary Report  (Form code: TH6R_MFG_600629)

Apply to Module/screen:  Work in Progress -Summary Report 

This comprehensive report serves as a vital tool for operations management, facilitating a detailed analysis of remaining costs within work in progress. By listing out the Work in Progress costs for each Work Order across various departments, it enables informed decision-making and strategic resource allocation for optimized performance and profitability.

ben - Synergix ERP Software Updates | April 2024

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