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Synergix ERP Software Updates | December 2023

Year 2024
January 2024
Synergix ERP Software Updates | December 2023
02 Jan 2024

Dear Valued Customers,

We hope that Synergix ERP solutions assisted you in 2023 while you looked for fresh approaches to learning, working together, and innovating. 

The Synergix team has been working nonstop to investigate and discover throughout the past year. As part of our dedication to ongoing innovation and development, we have released new reports, features, and updates for the advantage of all clients.

Meanwhile, we’d like to give you a quick rundown of the December improvements! 

We appreciate your trust in Synergix Technologies and hope for an upcoming year of continued cooperation. 

Payroll & Finance

1. Upgrade Journal Voucher preview to use standard component (FC: TH6_GL_JOURNAL_VOUCHER) 

In the Synergix ERP software Finance module, we made changes in the Journal Voucher screen. 

The change was made to help preview vouchers to be more friendly to users.

From now, when users click the Preview button, voucher will preview on the current erp system window instead of a new window pop up.

            Project & Contract

2. Project Schedule of Rate Master Enhance UI and Import Function (FC: TH6_GLOBAL_SCHEDULE_OF_RATE) 

In the Synergix ERP software Project module, we made changes in the Schedule of Rate screen. 

To implement new import function and standardize UI, we did: 

  • Swap position of Customer field and Currency Field
  • Update UI of SOR details table based on current UI standard (table’s header change to blue color)
  • Rename Item Description to SOR Description 
  • Update import popup to new UIand changes in SOR Import Template:
  • Rename import template file name to Import_PJ_SOR_List
  • Rename Column B, ‘Code’ to ‘SOR Code’
  • Rename Column C, ‘Description’ to ‘SOR Description’
  • Rename Column E, ‘Rate’ to ‘Original Unit Price’

As a result, the Schedule of Rate screen is enhanced with a new Import function and UI that is more user friendly and allows users to download the files that were used to import previously.
100254419 1 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | December 2023100254419 2 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | December 2023100254419 3 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | December 2023

3. Instruction about text search behaviors

  • User’s input value would be split into independent parts by commas.
    For example, if user enter: [ abc 123, def 345 ] then the result would contain records that match [ abc 123 ] or [ def 345 ]
  • How a data record would match each independent part:a, 
    If the part is not double quoted, for instance, in the example [ abc 123 ] above, then the data record must contain text like *abc*123* ( * could be any text).
  • Dash characters ( – ) in the data record are ignored, e.g. if the data record contain “ab-cd xyz 123” then it is the same as “abcd xyz 123” and would match *abc*123* above
  • If the part is double quoted, for example, user type “abc 123” (with quotes), then for the matching data record must be *abc 123* where * is any character, and the dash characters ( – ) in the data record are not ignored.
    Example:  data record like [ xyz a-bc 123 zyx ] would not match *abc 123*.
  • All matchings are case-insensitive
    Example: “aBc” would be equal to “AbC”

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