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Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020

Year 2020
June 2020
Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020
25 Jun 2020

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support in using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning System. We are writing this newsletter to keep you up to date on several updated features of Synergix ERP system. We have made these changes as part of our commitment to pursue innovation and to improve user-friendliness for the benefits of all customers.

Here are some of the updates for the month of June 2020. 


1. Enhancement of E1 Project Customer Claim by adding approval feature (TH6_APPROVING_OFFICER_NEW)

Now, Synergix ERP System users can choose to add in Approval feature to E1 Project Customer Claim screen. ERP Software users can set up Approving Method in Layer (by Voucher Limit, by System Role). For each Layer, users could specify whether the Approving Officer is on Project Team Member base or Company base. When clicking on each layer, ERP Software would load “Project Team Member” or “Company Base” panel based on the selection.

Enhanceing 1024x821 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 20202. Tagging of Project Phase No on Stock Issue (TH6_STOCK_ISSUE_PROJECT_MULTI_PMR)

Tagging of Project Phase No on Stock Issue allows ERP Software users to tag the Project Phase No. for each inventory item in order to display on their delivery order formats. This feature enables users to check each inventory item is for which project phase.

Tagging of Project Phase No on Stock Issue 1024x509 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020


1. Customer Credit Balance Report (TH6R_SA_400146)

Customer Credit Balance Report in Synergix ERP System shows credit balance of customers at the time of generating the report. Each customer is set up with a credit limit amount and when customers made a purchase but have yet to make payment, the invoice amount will be updated to credit balance. “YTD Sales Home Amount” is Credit Note subtracted from the Year to Date Invoice Amount of current FISCAL YEAR.


In Synergix ERP Software, the “Add From Costing Sheet” button has been created on the Project Material Request screen and the “Add Selected Items” button has been added at the footer of the popup window. By clicking on the “Add From Costing Sheet” button, a window will pop up and there is a scroll bar for the result part. Tabs from Phase No. until Unit Cost are pulled from Project Order Costing Sheet. All active inventory/service items that ERP System users key into the Project Order “Costing Sheet” tab will be available in the popup window result.

Add from Costing Sheet 1024x293 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020


After Synergix ERP Software users reject qty in the Quality Inspection (QI) screen, they will have to go through non-conformance and corrective action to decide what to do with the rejected qty. This feature will be used to include QAQC process for Work Order level completion process instead of BOM Stage level completion process.

ICM – QAQC – NCCA Rework  1024x502 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020


1. E2 Leave Type & E2 Employee Grade Maintenance (TH6_LEAVE_TYPE, TH6_EMPLOYEE_GRADE)

In Synergix ERP Software, E2 Leave Type screen is used to set up leave types for employees. ERP System users can change settings including Leave Entitlement & Encashment Options, Leave Application & Cancellation Options, Carried Forward Options.

E2 Employee Grade screen consolidates types of Employee Leave Entitlements. Employee Grade is used in Leave Entitlement and helps to automatically calculate leave cumulatively year after year.

Leave Type  1024x480 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020

2. E2 – Loan to Employee (TH6_LOAN_TO_EMPLOYEE)

E2 Loan to Employee is our new screen in Synergix ERP System, which enables users to keep track of loans to their employees. Loan to Employee screen allows ERP software users to trace Outstanding amount, Receivable Loan Amount, adjust Deduction per Payrun, Deduction Start Date, etc.

Kindly take note that Loan Amount can be paid by employee’s payslip or by bank transaction voucher. Bank transaction voucher is automatically created and cannot be reverted after being submitted. Mode of Withdrawal in Bank transaction voucher is default as Cash.

Loan to Employee 1024x415 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | June 2020

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