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Synergix ERP Software Updates – March 2021

Year 2021
March 2021
Synergix ERP Software Updates – March 2021
30 Mar 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support in using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. Synergix Technologies is committed to pursuing innovation and improving usability for the benefits of all customers.

We would like to bring to your kind attention the following updates for the month of March 2021. In this month’s update newsletter, we are glad to introduce you our screens with new features and UI enhancement. These improvement aims to increase user experience for Synergix ERP System users.

1. AR Credit Note Import – E2 (FC: TH6_AR_CREDIT_NOTE)

In Synergix ERP system, the AR Credit Note – E2 screen allows users to create new Credit Note or keep track the history of credit notes. Now, the screen comes with the import feature that enables ERP system users to import in batch.

In the Draft screen, system users need to select “Import Numbering Scheme” before using this function. Upon clicking on the “Import” button, Import popup will be appeared. ERP system users can click on “Download Template” to take the template.

Kindly take note that users need to fill in mandatory fields in red before clicking on “Choose” button. Additionally, should there be errors during Importing process, all records which are not imported and has error details will be put in the log file specified in this path.

2. Purchase Requisition – E2 (FC: TH6_PR_REQUEST_V1)

In Synergix ERP system, the Purchase Requisition – Request screen is designed to enhance and simplify the process of raising material request by the requestor. Now, Synergix ERP system users can utilize this screen with new UI enhancement.

3. E2 Goods Receipt Invoice (FC: TH6_GOODS_RECEIPT_INVOICE_V1)

Synergix Technologies proudly introduce the E2 Goods Receipt Invoice screen which is designed with new user interface. This screen allows ERP system users to create invoice to pay for received goods.

To use E2 Goods Receipt Invoice screen, ERP software users can access to Operations → SCM → Billing.

ERP Software Goods Receipt Invoice 1024x476 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - March 2021

E2 Goods Receipt Invoice

4. Goods Receiving – E2 (FC: TH6_GOODS_RECEIVING_V1)

Now, Synergix ERP system users can utilize Good Receiving – E2 screen with new UI experience to keep track on GR Vouchers, GRN Draft Vouchers and GRN History Vouchers.

The Good Receiving – E2 screen is located at Operations > SCM > Logistics > Incoming > Goods Receiving.

ERP Software Goods Receipt E2 1024x506 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - March 2021

Goods Receiving – E2

5. Purchase Order – E2 (FC: TH6_PU_ORDER_BY_BGT_SCH_E2)

Purchase Order E2 is another new screen which is enhanced in UI by Synergix Technologies. Synergix ERP system not only enables users to raise PO directly from the screen, but also allows users to track POs created from:

  • Project Material Request (PMR): Requestors can select Blanket Order for items they want to purchase for project. If the items quantity is equal or less than Blanket Order balance quantity, ERP system will automatically generate a PO for those items so purchasers can skip sourcing.
  • Project Material Request (PMR): When requestors turn on option ‘Raise PO Directly’ in PMR Header tab.
  • PR Sourcing: After the sourcing of suppliers is confirmed, ERP system will automatically generate POs.
ERP Software Purchase Order Budget E2 1024x448 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - March 2021

Purchase Order – E2

6. Delivery Order – E2 (FC: TH6_DELIVERY_ORDER_V1)

The Delivery Order screen in Synergix ERP system is to allow users to create and maintain the Delivery order based on selected sales order. ERP system users can generate Delivery Order voucher from an outstanding Sales Order and users can also enable Partial Shipment by delivering part of a sales order.

Now, Synergix Technologies has come out with new screen Delivery Order – E2 which is enhanced in user interface.

ERP Software Delivery Order E2 1024x532 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - March 2021

Delivery Order – E2

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