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Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020

Year 2020
May 2020
Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020
26 May 2020

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning System. It is our commitment to pursue innovation and enhance our software from time to time.

In this newsletter, we are bringing you several new updates for the month of May 2020. 


1. Hide Company Database Selection On Login Screen

Previously, the list of subsidiaries is shown by default on the login screen in Synergix ERP System Software. Now, businesses can elect to use the new config of Synergix ERP system which allows users to hide the list. By hiding the database selection, ERP software users will no longer be able to see the full list of companies under the corporation.

Kindly note that if users wish to switch to a different database, they will need to first log in to the default company database, and then switch by using the header toolbar. This also means that the user cannot sign in if no default company is set for the user.

Hide company database - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020

2. Cost Code Structure (E1-TH6_PJ_COST_CODE_STRUCTURE)

Cost Code Structure is a new screen in Synergix ERP System, which enables ERP software users to have a standardized cost structure Cost item > Budget category > Budget Category Group > Budget Category Division. With Cost Code Structure, system users are able to tag costs to project effectively.


1. Flag Sales Order To Highlight Changes – Sales Order Flags

The objectives of Sales Order Flags feature is to alert the PNP users of certain changes in SO and to prevent DO from being issued until the PNP user is aware of the changes.

2. Checkbox Indicator for Project Quotation Sent Out (E1-TH6_PJ_PROJECT_QUOTATION_COSTING_SHEET_BY_ITEM_COD)

 When Synergix ERP System users want to send out several project quotations to customers, they are able to know which quotation has been sent out in Checkbox Indicator. This feature allows ERP system users identify which quotation has or has not been sent at a glance, in order to avoid resending.

To enable this Checkbox Indicator, ERP software users can turn on the new config by accessing to Module Config > Project Costing > Project Quotation & Estimation > Display “Email Sent” column in Project Quotation “Outstanding” tab.

Checkbox Indicator 1024x187 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020


Now, ERP system users can choose to receive Top Bar Notifications from Notification Management screen. Top Bar Notification notifies ERP system users when their Purchase Order quantity changes in a way that affects Purchase Order allocation in Sales Order. The feature is also available for Goods Receiving Note submission, which means that ERP system users will receive notifications when there are new items in their inventory location.

Top bar - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020


1. Staff Claim Service Code lookup for Normal Claims and Overseas Travel Claim (FC: TH6_SERVICE_DP – Service Item Maintenance)

This screen is a Service Master Setup Screen which allows users to define Staff Claim Service Code separately in Normal Claim type or Oversea Traveling Claim type.

Staff Claim 1024x485 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020

2. New Effective Date for Payroll Scheme (FC: TH6_GLOBAL_EMPLOYEE_HANS)

With New Effective Date feature, Synergix ERP Software users are able to tag Basic Salary, Basic OT or Hourly Rate Employee to Payroll Scheme and the system will retrieve Payroll Scheme based on the effective date from and effective date to.

Kindly take note that the Effective date from of a Payroll Scheme can only start on Monday.

New effective date 1024x417 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020

3. GL Journal Voucher Import without Segment (TH6_GL_Journal_voucher)

The purpose of GL Journal Voucher Import without Segment function is to allow ERP system users to import simultaneously many Journal vouchers into the system by Excel file. This function helps to reduce time and efforts in creating records separately.

Journal Voucher 1024x443 - Synergix ERP Software Updates | May 2020

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