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Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Year 2021
November 2021
Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021
29 Nov 2021

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for your continued trust in the Synergix ERP system.

We always gladly seize the opportunity to improve user-friendliness and usability in order to provide a better client experience.

We are pleased to draw your attention to our latest features in our November update newsletter, which we promise to for your benefits, improvement, and innovation.

Payroll & Finance

1. Serial Number Generation – AP Invoice screen (FC: TH6_AP_INVOICE_BGT_SCH)

The AP Invoice screen in Synergix’s ERP solution is where the user stores all invoices issued to suppliers. Now, Synergix has added four fields Prefix, Suffix, First Serial Number, Last Serial Number above the “Populate” button to accommodate the Generating Serial Number feature that is currently available on the AP Invoice screen. ERP System users can enter the serial number manually in the batch input text box or use Prefix/Suffix to populate the serial number.

Kindly be noted that, currently, it is not possible to identify whether a serial number is entered through scan, input or Prefix/Suffix. Alternatively, the system can validate and make sure the serial number is not the same as the existing serial number.

ERP system users can use this screen by accessing to Operations > Accounts Payable > Processing > AP Invoice.

727 serial 1 1 1024x654 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Serial Number Generation in AP Invoice screen

Project & contract

1. Link Project Activity Management (Mobile) to Project Claim screen (FC: TH6_PJ_ACTIVITY_LOG_MOBILE, TH6_PJ_PROJECT_CLAIM_E2)

In Synergix’s ERP system, the Project Activity Management (PAM) is a mobile web application to record the daily work that employees have done for their own project. Managers could then review the status of all activities of each staff member.

In this update, the Project Activity Management is now linked with the Project Claim screen. The purpose of this feature is to reflect/ display the information inputted in Project Activity Management mobile screen on Project Claim screen. As a result, quantity surveyors can review the tasks/activities for each scope of work and submit progressive claims to clients. Managers can use the tasks/activities completed by each user to measure their KPI or output. 

link project 1024x435 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Project Activity in Project Claim screen

2. Service Quotation Update (FC: TH6BC_SV_300240)

In the Synergix ERP System, “Service Quotation” format with enhanced UI is now available. 

Additionally, it has two more fields: “Contract/Project”  to indicate contract number or project number, and “Job Ref No.” to display reference number. In the Service Quotation screen, a service quotation can be generated by clicking “Preview” in a voucher, then clicking download/print.

TH6BC SV 300240 ServiceQuotation.v2 20211112141903983 212x300 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Service Quotation Update

3. Service Invoice Update ( FC: TH5BS_SV_300255)

Now, Synergix ERP software users can generate service invoices with a new UI of Tax Invoice. It was added on one more field “Contract/Project” to indicate contract number or project number if this service is tagged to contract number or project number. ERP Software users can generate the invoice voucher in Service Invoice screen, click “Preview” in a voucher, then choose to download or print.

TH5BS SV 300255 TaxInvoice.v2Standard 20211112141948920 724x1024 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Service Invoice Update

4. Contract Delivery Order Update ( FC: TH5BS_MC_30026)

The Contract Delivery Order in the Synergix ERP system has been enhanced with E2 format. In Contract Delivery Order screen, ERP software users can generate Delivery Order voucher by clicking “Preview” in a voucher to download and save to their device.

TH5BS MC 300267 ContractDeliveryOrder.v2Standard 20211112142047186 724x1024 - Synergix ERP Software Updates - November 2021

Contract Delivery Order Update

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