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01 December 2022
Procurement is an important aspect of a company’s processes. Efficient procurement management ensures steady flow of items at an appropriate level that matches consumer demand. It also maintains inventory levels at minimised carrying costs. Procurement is a broad profession with numerous interconnected operations that are not easy to handle....
Start a Successful Equipment Rental Business: Best Practices
23 November 2022
Making your new equipment rental business a stunning success is not easy. However, there are still some basic steps to take which ensure you a solid business foundation and facilitate your achieving bigger goals in later periods. Here are a few must-haves to incorporate into your rental business plan in order to rise and shine!   Give a....
The Quick Complete Guide to Construction Risk Management
17 November 2022
There is a high level of risk involved in construction projects that cannot be overlooked. Your construction firm might face various risks that might have a detrimental impact on your projects and even ruin your bottom lines. According to The Strait Times, in Singapore, the construction sector accounts for the biggest number of occupational fatali....
ERP Systems' Roles in Maritime Cyber Security
09 November 2022
Whether it is data protection, potential damage, and loss, liability, or the impact on insurance and risk, maritime organisations must be alerted and well-protected as they try to balance digital opportunities with emerging cyber dangers. Luckily, operators nowadays can utilise cutting-edge technologies to meet safety regulations. This article wi....
4 Common Inventory Management Issues That Happen in Every Warehouse
02 November 2022
Warehouse management involves many processes that businesses must ensure their efficiency, accuracy, and the steady flow of products in and out. To boost warehouse productivity, businesses have applied automation technologies. Some of these processes seem to be error-free; however, inventory management is more prone to mistakes and challenges. Ac....
Waste Management: What is Zero Waste?
25 October 2022
According to Towards Zero Waste, in 2017, Singapore did reach about 7.7 million tonnes of waste, increasing seven-fold over the past 40 years. Facing this issue, the country has been working towards becoming a zero-waste nation by launching many programs. For instance, reducing the consumption of materials, reusing and recycling to give them a se....