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Discover the current technological updates that will aid in your business process.
standardising your business process
12 September 2018
Every activity can be broken down into processes, which can be determined based on the individual’s decision. However, in an organisation, the business could be chaotic and disastrous if people are freely allowed to operate in their own ways. From start-up companies to SMEs and more complex organisations, the minimum requirement is to standardis....
Choose an ERP system for your organization
20 August 2018
An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an integrated solution to streamline your business processes, effectively assisting your manpower in productivity and efficiency. With Digital Solutions and Automation being the new rage, an ERP solution is now the default requirement for companies. The Singapore government encourages such technolo....
Job Redesign Grant for ERP System
06 August 2018
Acquiring an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System might be one of your consideration to reduce reliance on manpower as well as increase productivity to outperform other rivals. Nonetheless, it is difficult to decide on such an investment as it also depends on the company’s financial situation. Understanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs....
3 Benefits of an ERP System for a Rental Contract Business
11 July 2018
A typical Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) can possess up to thousands of active contracts, which vary in types, life cycles, pricing, service, terms, and conditions etc. Contract Management is clearly seen to play a critical role in any business. However, as your company expands, your operation increases in volume as well as complexity. That is w....
ERP System is Changing Manufacturing Sector 2018
25 June 2018
Singapore’s economy has experienced an increase of 4.3% in the first 3 months of 2018, which surpassed its performance in the final quarter of 2017. The manufacturing sector is reported to contribute greatly to this improvement as being the key growth driver of 10.1% expansion. The reason behind such an increase is proven to be the trending impl....
Is it worth investing in an ERP System for Field Service Management?
11 June 2018
In the management of businesses in the Field Servicing industry, managers may have experienced certain challenges in Field Service Management (FSM) due to various outdated procedures. Synergix E1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offers four benefits that can solve many existing issues in your company’s management. Mobile Usability It is....