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Top reasons to get an ERP system in 2019
16 January 2019
We have once again arrived at the end of a year, which brings about the beginning of a new year. For most small-medium enterprises (SMEs) this period of time will be a golden opportunity for management to commence planning the company’s roadmap for the new year. Companies are also encouraged to look into and explore new ways and possibilities to....
Risk management in Singaporean SMEs
26 December 2018
In light of the turbulent business climate filled with intense competition and grave uncertainty, risk management is becoming an increasingly essential practice for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to have. Some questions would weigh on the minds of SMEs. What key risks does SMEs face? How can SMEs practice risk management? This article will seek t....
Is Open-source ERP system suitable for your business
19 December 2018
After years of offering ERP services, we have seen many questions and enquiries concerning open-source ERP system. Why not for self-developing ERP solution packages? Is open-source ERP cost-effective? Why do SMEs stick to a proprietary ERP system? In this article, we would like to bring about a summarised overview of an open-source ERP software to ....
Solutions to Common Payroll Problems
29 November 2018
Payroll is the process related to numerous financial records of employee’s salaries such as work wages, CPF, bonuses, employee records, etc. It is a significant factor affecting net income of your company since payment to employees and submitting taxes to the governments are imperative in any business. Unfortunately, processing payroll is a regu....
6 Ways to Avoid Security Threats in an ERP System
19 November 2018
Investing in an ERP is vital for a business in the digital world. However, increased digitalisation gives rise to the threat of cyber-attacks, especially in the context of cyberspace, which is considered “the largest unregulated and uncontrolled domain in the history of mankind”. The role of business data protection is now more urgent and impe....