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How Businesses Can Adapt To The New Normal?_ERP system
15 October 2020
The global pandemic has made companies operate in a new way because of its tremendous effects. Whether they like it or not, businesses have to change their operation run to fight back the crisis and maintain the business continuity during the new normal. Only by increasing the level of adaptability, are businesses likely to respond and survive thr....
30 September 2020
In order to assist its citizens through the current pandemic, the Singapore government has been very supportive of businesses during this challenging time. In response to Covid-19, a vast number of support measures are put into place to help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to overcome financial difficulties and to boost their growth. In this a....
How we've helped over 200 Construction Businesses in Digitalization
25 September 2020
Synergix Technologies has helped over 200 construction companies in their digitalization journey. Hence, we understand all the common challenges that companies in the construction industry face. Through years of innovation, research, and development, we have developed a fully-integrated ERP solution for the construction industry which covers all ....
The Future of AI-driven ERP Software
16 September 2020
ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning system is a prevailing buzzword for enterprises recently, and the terms of “combining innovative technologies’ in this software is no longer a novel one. Besides integrating IoT with ERP systems, more Singaporean companies are also currently applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) to their so....
SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) - ERP system ERP Software
10 September 2020
To encourage businesses to embark on the transformation of their workforce’s skill sets and their enterprise’s capabilities, the Singapore government has released the new SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), which provides eligible companies with an additional $10,000 credit. Employers can use this credit amount to defray up to 90% ....
Integrating IoT with ERP System for The Manufacturing Industry
28 August 2020
Enterprises Resource Planning system gains fraction from the ability to lean business processes, improve operational efficiency, and update real-time information for manufacturing companies. It is all about fastening data from different departments into one unified system. IoT technology, meanwhile, is in opposition. It mainly deals with data fro....