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Discover the current technological updates that will aid in your business process.
13 March 2019
Though cloud ERP software has been acquired by hundreds of organisations, there are misunderstandings that make other business owners reluctant to apply cloud ERP technology to their businesses. In this time of rapid change, embracing ERP solutions on cloud platform is indispensable, which can be seen from the rise of cloud ERP System. Understandi....
It's time to digitise your food business processes with Synergix E1 ERP System!
25 February 2019
Plan for Optimum Food Production with Kitchen ManagementSynergix E1 Food Manufacturing ERP System is specifically designed for Food Manufacturing small to medium businesses in Singapore. One of the highlights of Synergix E1 is the Kitchen Planning function, which facilitates Kitchen Capacity Planning (KCP) and Ingredient Requirement Planning (....
Cloud-based and On-premise ERP | Which one is for your business?
18 February 2019
When at the initial stage of the ERP system evaluation process, businesses may encounter unfamiliar terms such as “cloud ERP”, “web-based ERP” or even “on-premise ERP”. To save time and eliminate the hassle of research, this post aims to consolidate all the specifications of cloud-based and on-premise ERP solutions including the deploy....
Productivity Solutions Grant - Get Funding for Your Business’s Digital Transformation
13 February 2019
  We are proud to announce that Synergix Technologies is now a Pre-Approved Solution/Vendor under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)! As a part of the SMEs Go Digital Programme, PSG is a governmental support for SMEs taking a step towards technological investments. After being strictly evaluated by capacity and capabilities, Synergix Tech....
The risks of maintaining an out-dated ERP system
25 January 2019
As ERP technology market has evolved significantly with lightening-speed changes in technology, legacy systems developed on older technology/ platforms such as PIC, Progress or even DOS, are no longer stable and may lack functionalities as well as security, which makes businesses prone to errors, security risks and even legal problems. Contact Us....
Top reasons to get an ERP system in 2019
16 January 2019
We have once again arrived at the end of a year, which brings about the beginning of a new year. For most small-medium enterprises (SMEs) this period of time will be a golden opportunity for management to commence planning the company’s roadmap for the new year. Companies are also encouraged to look into and explore new ways and possibilities to....