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ERP System - The future of ERP & The Effects on your business
19 November 2019
 Together with the fourth industrial revolution, the Enterprise Resource Planning system industry continues to evolve rapidly. Thus, acknowledging the future of ERP and preparing for these become very important for businesses. In this article, we will present to you the 4 upcoming trends of an ERP system and how they affect your businesses.....
ERP system_Common Manpower Scheduling Problems and Solutions
01 November 2019
In almost all industries like manufacturing, wholesale, retail, building & construction, F&B, contract & service, it is crucial for businesses to pay attention to workforce scheduling. To maintain a rational and fair personnel schedule that can satisfy everyone, managers normally have to face complicated problems every day. Here are s....
The Importance Of Having Real-Time Information For Your Business
17 September 2019
In today’s data-driven world, enterprises are paying greater attention to real-time information as they realize the importance of it. People are now making a greater investment in innovative technologies and technological systems like Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP system), for instance, to help create a unified database with....
ERP System_Build or Buy an ERP System
21 August 2019
Do you feel that excel sheets are unable to keep track of the vast amount of inventory you have right now? Or do you have multiple software in place do manage different parts of your business? As businesses expand, there comes the need to invest in an ERP system for all operations in your company to be managed easily on one single platform. With ....
The ERP System Implementation Process
26 July 2019
The decision of implementing an ERP system can be quick, but the whole process from sourcing for the most suitable ERP system vendor to deploying the whole system can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. Fret not! You will not be having 6 months of sleepless nights, just be sure to take one step at a time and reach out if you need any advice. L....
Top 6 questions erp software vendors always ask
15 July 2019
Before implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software, companies often need to go through the sourcing process in order to engage with the right vendor, which requires great effort and planning as there are quite a lot of ERP software vendors in the market with different offerings. To provide assistance in this process, we have listed down....