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Top 6 questions erp software vendors always ask
15 July 2019
Before implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software, companies often need to go through the sourcing process in order to engage with the right vendor, which requires great effort and planning as there are quite a lot of ERP software vendors in the market with different offerings. To provide assistance in this process, we have listed down ....
ERP System_Must-have Technologies To Boost Sales
04 July 2019
It is no doubt that the sales department plays a vital role in any organization as they are symbolized as a bridge between the prospective customer’s needs and the core values offered by the company to fulfill these needs. For that reason, top management is ceaselessly finding ways to boost sales. In today’s technology-driven market, maximizing....
ERP System - How to prepare your staff members for Digital Transformation
21 June 2019
 It is not a surprise that in the new digital era, digital transformation has helped businesses to uncover the best ways to approach customers, develop more effective business procedures and establish better connections among technology, people and processes. Theoretically, technology advancements such as artificial intelligence, big data, a....
ERP System_How To Manage Stock And Inventory Effectively To Save Your Money
15 May 2019
  Inventory management, nowadays, is one of the most crucial business processes during the company’s operation as it holds a strong relation with purchases, sales, and logistics activities. Enterprises that are not efficiently managing their inventory take the risk of suffering the losses of up to 11.7% of their annual revenue through ....
ERP System - Introduction and tips for the PSG
09 May 2019
 Singapore is well-known as the world’s most favorable and friendliest business environment as the government has launched out a variety of programs and incentives for the business community. Beside Job Redesign Grant that we mentioned in our previous blog, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is another indispensable incentive specially des....
ERP System - Business Challenges for Singaporean SMEs in 2019
26 April 2019
In Singapore currently, there are approximately 219,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which makes up 99% of all domestic companies and contributes 50% of national GDP. Each Singaporean SME employs 10 staffs on average and creates jobs for about 65% of all workers. It’s not an understatement to say that the well-being of the Singapor....