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21 January 2021
Over 150 companies in the construction industry such as Ley Choon Group, Woh Hup, Guan Ho Construction, BHCC Construction, Feng Ming Construction, DLE M&E, and Obayashi Singapore have implemented Synergix ERP software to streamline their business processes. Conforming to the local IRAS and MOM regulations, our fully integrated ERP system allo....
Waste Management ERP Software: Grant up to 80%
22 December 2020
Many businesses in Singapore have started embarking on their digital transformation journey whereby digital technology is integrated into all areas of a business, fundamentally improving how they operate. As one of the leading local Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System provider in Singapore, Synergix Technologies has assisted more than 600 S....
16 December 2020
Trusted by over 600 SMEs in Singapore and pre-approved by IMDA, Synergix Technologies has become the leading local ERP software provider in Singapore with 30 years of experience. Some of our clients today include: Toshiba Data Dynamics, Union Energy, PDS International, QSS Safety, Lubritrade Trading, Raduga, Denni International, and etc. If you a....
07 December 2020
With so many grants introduced by the Singapore government, now is definitely the right time to digitalize your business processes! Established in 1990, Synergix Technologies is a local ERP software provider who has helped over 600 SMEs in Singapore throughout their business transformation journey. We totally understand all the challenges faced b....
Construction ERP Software System with Project budget control subcn progressive claim
02 December 2020
Looking for an experienced ERP software provider in Singapore that caters closely to the construction industry requirements? Synergix Technologies got you covered. Established in 1990, we have worked our way to be the leading local ERP system provider in Singapore with over 150 clients in the construction industry such as Ley Choon Group, Woh Hup....
27 November 2020
  Very often, a company starts off with Excel spreadsheets to store information, organize ideas, manage customers information, schedule employees’ shift, and for so many other purposes. But as the company grows, Excel can no longer keep up, and that will be the time when you can start to look for better alternatives, such as Accounting....