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5 Top ERP Trends For 2021 | ERP system
05 April 2021
In today’s competitive business landscape, Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP system) has become a buzzword to any business. Enterprises are increasingly adopting this cutting-edge software not only to cut costs by automating manual tasks but also to provide employees a unified centralized database. Since a huge number of companies rely hea....
Top 5 Reasons To Purchase An ERP System
26 March 2021
The impacts of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have been remarkable and evident lately. Over the past decades, businesses varying from small to large size all enter in the digitalisation journey to be more streamlined, which urges them to adopt an ERP system. In 2021, it is no longer an unfamiliar thing to host one but still, an ERP system is ....
When Do SMEs Need an ERP System?
19 March 2021
The advent of ERP software has brought a huge bunch of benefits for businesses since there are more and more of them engaging in and adopting a specific one. With the help of an integrated ERP system, companies are able to increase the productivity of business operations in Project Management, Human Resource Management, Budgeting and Cost Control....
4 Common ERP Implementation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.
12 March 2021
There is no doubt that ERP software is able to bring immeasurable benefits and now, there is an increasing number of SMEs starting their business digitalization journey. However, it is not that easy for enterprises to have a successful implementation as there is several common mistakes that SMEs might face. Below, we have listed out 4 common ERP ....
ERP Software for Contract/Rental & Service – Up to 80% Grant
25 February 2021
To remain competent in the market, many companies in Singapore have attempted to embark on their digitalisation journey by adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for their business operation. As one of the leading ERP providers in Singapore, Synergix Technologies has helped more than 600 SMEs in streamlining operational processes, aut....
ERP Software for Food Manufacturers
10 February 2021
In today’s business landscape, many Small and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) have chosen to embark on their digitalisation journey which allows them to automate their organizational operations and drive down costs. Many tasks which are manually done now can also be automated with ERP software. As one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (....