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21 September 2023
   Construction is the process of building materials, facilities and infrastructure. As construction involves a long-term complicated and challenging process, it is necessary to work on a building project. That means, the construction manager must create a well-thought-out plan before beginning this task. Material requirements, construct....
This article focuses mainly on the
14 September 2023
  According to the recent report: “EU countries generated 487 kg of waste per person. This includes both waste generated by households and by offices. And then we haven’t even talked about costs…”  So, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind when we mention “waste”?  Many people think t....
Understanding Types of Transactions in T&D Industry and How to Manage them
07 September 2023
  Transactions serve as the basic foundation of business activities in the hurried world of the Trading and Distribution (T&D) sector. Singaporean enterprises must learn the art of handling transactions effectively since every stage, from procurement to sales, includes a variety of different sorts of transactions. We will examine common ....
Facility Management in the Construction Industry
31 August 2023
Efficient facility management is crucial for the smooth operation of construction projects. In this article, we will explore the significance of facility management in the construction industry especially in Singapore, and highlight how ERP solutions integrated with facility management affect construction operations.  What is Facility Manage....
Synergix ERP Software Updates | August 2023
30 August 2023
We are grateful for your unwavering trust and support of the Synergix ERP system. This newsletter will help you stay informed about new features. These improvements are made as part of our initiatives to embrace innovation and boost usability for the benefit of our clients. Here are a few updates for August 2023. Project & Contract  1. Sp....
Construction Accounting: A Basic Guide to Do Bookkeeping with Synergix ERP Software
24 August 2023
Effective bookkeeping is the backbone of any successful construction business. It ensures financial stability, regulatory compliance, and the ability to make informed decisions. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to construction accounting, highlighting the essential principles and practices. Moreover, we will introd....