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Synergix ERP Software Updates | January 2023
27 January 2023
Dear Valued Clients, Thank you for the opportunity to assist your company with the help of Synergix ERP Software. We are grateful for your ongoing support and belief in us. All feedback is much appreciated, and we will continue to innovate and enhance our system for the benefit of all consumers. As a result, we’ve added a number of new featu....
How Smart Logistics Help in Warehouse Management
18 January 2023
In logistics management strategy, smart logistics has become a promising solution for handling the increasing complexity and volume of logistics operations. Since the pandemic has changed customers’ buying habits, many wholesalers and distributors have leveraged this method with scalable, flexible, and future-oriented technologies to make ....
Sustainable Construction: What, Why, and How?
12 January 2023
Due to its requirement for building materials like concrete, the construction sector is a significant consumer of large amounts of natural resources and a contributor to air pollution. Besides, the buildings and building construction sectors account for 30% of total worldwide final energy consumption (IEA, 2021), leading to the urgent need for su....
Complimentary Seminar: Seamless and Cost-Effective Approach to Smart Manufacturing
09 January 2023
Synergix Technologies is organising a seminar in collaboration with MPDV – one of the pioneers and experts in digitalisation of the process industry.    This seminar will feature speakers who have years of experience in consulting and managing business developing solutions, who will be sharing their insights on how to adopt a seam....
Benefits of Moving your ERP System to the Cloud
09 January 2023
Synergix Technologies is organising a seminar in collaboration with ICONZ-Webvisions  – one of the trusted cloud hosting and managed service providers.    During this seminar, our speakers will share on: Ways to protect your web application Reasons to move from on-premise to the cloud Cloud ERP software and its pros & co....
Brand Positioning Strategy in 2023: The Ultimate Guide
05 January 2023
A competitive brand helps a customer to see your company, like it, and be loyal to it. It can also guide business leaders on what to prioritise and what to deprioritise as they innovate their offerings and scale their businesses. Great brands garner enormous benefits to a business. However, not many business owners can unpack the idea of how to c....