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The Roles Of Erp Solution In Boosting Businesses’ Strategic Planning
16 August 2021
A company’s future steps are decided through strategic planning. Nowadays, as business environments are becoming more sophisticated, managers may need to plan their strategies more carefully and ERP software may become their right-hand man. Without a strategic plan, activities of an enterprise may become disjointed and counterproductive, eve....
Common Challenges in Trading & Distribution Industry
09 August 2021
Trading & Distribution (T&D) industry has been an integral part of economic growth. These days, the ever-evolving economic scenario drives T&D businesses to become more competitive than ever, and they have to face several challenges. Although T&D businesses are diverse in operation modes, the challenges they are facing are relative....
The integration of Synergix ERP system with IoT solution for manufacturing industry
09 August 2021
Integrating ERP systems with IoT (Internet of  Things) solutions is not something new nowadays. This trend appeared a long time ago and still continues to become more and more popular because of its benefits to every industry, especially manufacturing. In fact, this combination is a huge step that helps manufacturers improve production effici....
5 Effective Tips for Improving Businesses’ Efficiency Using ERP System
03 August 2021
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system used by organizations to manage their business processes. Nowadays, companies of all sizes, from SMEs to MNCs, have embarked on the digitization journey in order to become more streamlined, prompting them to implement an ERP system. Adopting one is no longer unusual in recent years, as an ERP system ....
Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021 | Synergix Technologies
29 July 2021
Dear Valued Customers, We sincerely value your continuous trust and support in using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning system. From that, Synergix Technologies gets stronger motivation to implement ongoing innovation and enhancements. We understand how to fulfill given requirements in order to enrich user experience with the best satisfaction.....
How to Overcome Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry
26 July 2021
We are over halfway through 2021, and obviously, it is not easy for manufacturers. In fact, they have to deal with various obstacles like the covid 19 pandemic, the skill gap, the increasing demand of customers, etc. However, everything has its own solution and the manufacturing industry is still expected to continuously grow in the future. In thi....