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Integrating IoT with ERP System for The Manufacturing Industry
28 August 2020
Enterprises Resource Planning system gains fraction from the ability to lean business processes, improve operational efficiency, and update real-time information for manufacturing companies. It is all about fastening data from different departments into one unified system. IoT technology, meanwhile, is in opposition. It mainly deals with data fro....
Synergix ERP Software Updates August 2020
27 August 2020
Dear Valued Clients, Synergix Technologies has evolved and thrived throughout more than 30 years. With the belief that behind the success of any organization are its prestigious customers, we would like to send a big thank to our valued customers for your trust and support in using our Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning System. We have been try....
Upgrade Your ERP Software with Government Subsidies
21 August 2020
Your company implemented ERP software five to ten years ago with the aim to increase productivity, reduce human-prone errors, get real-time information, and digitalize your operations. But if the software is hindering your business’ growth and scalability, it might be the time to upgrade your ERP system. We are now living in an era where te....
Benefits of Moving Your ERP System To The Cloud
12 August 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the biggest ever work-from-home phenomenon, as companies are called to assess how to utilise their workers efficiently while simultaneously avoiding physical interactions. Even now in the post-Circuit-Breaker period, as the Singapore government is starting to ease lockdown restrictions, the “New Norm&rdqu....
Telecommuting - Enterprise Resource Planning
07 August 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us in several ways and we are forced to rethink our day to day lives. With new regulations and restrictions introduced over the past few months to slow down the spread of the virus, many companies have implemented work from home practices. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also announced that they will....
ERP System update July 2020
28 July 2020
Dear Valued Clients, Thank you for your continuous faith and support in the usage of the Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning Software. This newsletter is written to keep you up to date on our newest features. Such improvements are introduced as part of our efforts to embrace innovation and enhance user-friendliness for our customers’ expe....