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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Synergix Technologies is proud to be recognised by IMDA as a Pre-Approved ERP Software Vendor with Sales, Inventory, Accounting and Human Resource solutions under the governmental Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

With almost 30 years following the mission of delivering effective digital solutions to SMEs, PSG is an opportunity for us to help businesses save more on the investment costs when going digital with Synergix ERP System Packages. With innovation and care, Synergix is committed to providing our customers with cost-effective digital transformation to value add their businesses.

Productivity Solutions Grant - IMDA Go Digital (TBC)

In an effort to simplify the digitisation process, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a financial support provided by the Singapore government for SMEs to gain digital capabilities to automate the existing processes and enhance the operational productivity of businesses.

PSG is designed for SMEs adopting digital solutions specified by industry (including Retail, Food, Construction, etc.) as well as by module (such as Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics, Financial Management, Inventory Management, and more), which have been pre-scoped by government agencies.

Being selected by IMDA as a Pre-approved ERP Solution Vendor, Synergix Technologies can provide effective digital ERP solutions to optimise Sales, Inventory, and Accounts Management in any organisation.

Having experience in the grant application process, Synergix ERP experts offer complementary support to SMEs getting PSG for Synergix ERP Solutions with 100% success guaranteed (up to 70% funding)

You can apply for PSG if your business meets the following requirements:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Purchase/ lease/ subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only)
  • Have a group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million OR
  • Have a group employment size of not more than 200 workers


Trusted by more than 5,000 ERP System users in Singapore

Synergix E1 Inventory Management ERP System Software Singapore - Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Synergix Inventory Management System

Having critical inventory data (brands, categories,  specifications) stored in the ERP system with the tracking function using lots & serial numbers and barcode, Synergix ERP system users are provided with the ability to monitor and keep track of the stock availability for better making inventory planning decision with no fear of errors or missing information.

In addition, Synergix Inventory Management System can provide users with the function to track PPE items issued to employees for more efficient traceability.

Synergix Sales Management System

With the implementation of Synergix ERP System, sales advisors will be equipped to effortlessly monitor customers by group, terms of payment/ contracts, and filters to set up different price lists and discounts, as well as preparing sales forms at a click of a button.

Approving/ rejecting a sales quotation or auto-generating a sales order can easily be done in Synergix ERP System. As the sales processes are operated systematically, ERP System users can extract reports to monitor the success rate of the quotations, keep track of the AR invoices, and manage profits and loss by projects/ customer groups, etc.

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Synergix Account Management System

All transactions recorded in Synergix ERP System are guaranteed to follow Singapore’s Accounting Standards.

Being consistently integrated with other modules,  the Synergix Accounting Management can cover the entire organisation’s operations including generating financial statements, and reviewing outstanding payables/ receivables etc.

Synergix Human Resource Management Solution

From Staff scheduling, Biometric app, Timesheet tracking, E-leave management to Staff Appraisal and Training management, Synergix ERP System users can digitise the entire HRM process in an all-in-one HR solution suite with a security control established based on the company’s policy to limit access to sensitive HR information.

With all HR data processed in the ERP System, Payroll can be automatically generated periodically, which conforms to local regulations (MOM, CPF, IR8A), and fully integrated to Finance as well as various online banking system for giro payment to staff, thus, General Ledger entries can be updated without manual data entry.

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    Get PSG funding for your business today!

    Synergix Technologies offers free grant application support to fully assist our customers in their digital transformation journey

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