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Referral Partner Program

Earn Supplemental Income and Expand Your Business Network
By Joining Our Referral Partner Program

As a continual drive to be a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Provider, Synergix Technologies proudly presents our Referral Partner Program. This program aims to build an extensive collaboration with all our business partners regardless of industry.

In order to foster greater synergy within this program, Synergix is committed to developing a long-term relationship with all our partners. We provide the necessary tools, resources, and infrastructure to seamlessly grow a profitable ERP System business network.

Referral Partner Program
How It Works?
  • Upon joining our Referral Partner Program, you can start referring customers or leads who are in need of an ERP System.
  • The information of this referred lead will be passed to our consultant for a qualifying call. If the lead is our target, we will go down for an appointment and you will get rewards.
  • All you need to do is referring the lead to Synergix, we will take care of the rest.
What Are The Benefits?

This program is hassle-free and totally transparent. Synergix Referral Partners benefit from the program in many ways:

  • Appointment fee of SGD500 when we go down for an appointment with the exclusive lead you referred
  • 10% of software user license fee upon closing the deal
  • Joint marketing campaigns or activities
  • Be updated on product demonstrations and new product updates: Synergix will constantly send you newsletters updating new features of our  Enterprise Resource Planning System. You can use that information to make your consultancy up-to-date and thus, more efficient.
  • There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the Synergix Referral Partner Program. In addition, Synergix bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing, and servicing the companies you refer.
Who Can Join?

Synergix Referral Partner Program is open to business partners in different industries such as providers of Cloud Solution, Barcode Scanners, POS System, Vehicle Management, Fleet Management, OCR, RFID, Inventory Carousel, Multi-channel E-commerce, etc.

Whoever are interested in earning supplemental income and have clients or prospects looking for an ERP system can join this program.


5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Submit Partnership Form

Fill out our partnership form and submit it.

Step 2. Join A Meeting For Discussion

We will contact you shortly to set up an online meeting to review the details of Synergix Partnership Program.

Step 3. Sign An Agreement With Us

If our Referral Partner Program is a good fit for you, you will sign a contract with us.

Step 4. Refer Leads To Us

Once you have a lead/client who is looking for ERP Software, you just need to refer it to Synergix and we will take care of the rest.

Step 5. Get Rewards

Receive appointment fee of SGD500 for every referred lead after we go down for an appointment, and 10% of software user license fee upon closing the deal.

Become Our Partner