ERP Consulting Services

Being a local Singapore ERP vendor for over 30 years, Synergix has gained a deep knowledge and broad experience in Singapore business market, especially on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Synergix has been helping hundreds of SMEs to automate their business processes, streamline operations and eventually increase profit margins.

Synergix ERP Consulting Service gives your company benefits of:

  • Build a process that works smoothly for your company
  • Reduce the risk of failed ERP implementation
  • Choose the most appropriate and cost-effective business solution for your company, resulting in much higher ROI
  • Concentrate on core business functions so your company’s efficiency will be improved

Synergix’s consultants have developed deep specialist knowledge on business operation and ERP software through their years of ERP system implementation experience. With this, they are able to put together the skills and talents to meet your needs. They are responsible for ensuring your key requirements are covered and advising you on the necessary areas of your business that requires automation.

Synergix provides you a comprehensive list of business solution consulting services:

Synergix Business Process Consulting

The aim of this exercise is to help you determine a streamlined business process for your business to assist you in achieving reduced costs and increases in profits. Moreover, we will suggest which processes may be cut-down or improved so as to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in your business, as well as increasing productivity and increasing employee satisfaction.

Our experienced Project Consultants will assist you to map out your business process workflow across your departments. This exercise will help you identify the initial source to its completion, users and their responsibilities, and making sure that all business processes and scenarios are covered and mapped out. The completed workflow documentation will serve as the SOP of your organisation with a clear indication of the functional roles of each user and how they interact with each department.

Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study is an intensive period for the inquisition, where our experts will conduct a thorough and comprehensive study to better understand your end-to-end business. This study aims to assist you to achieve the possible challenges in your business, propose suggestions for improvement, as well as point out risks that may be involved should they not be addressed. Upon completion of this study, you will be able to have an idea of the degree of customisation, its corresponding man-day effort and value, before embarking on the implementation of a turnkey system.

The feasibility study will comprise 3 phases:

Initial Fact Finding

Our consultants will understand your organization, business processes and scenario across with your departments. This fact finding will identify details of day-to-day operational challenges and business scenarios.

Proposed Delivery Schedule

Leveraging on the findings from the initial fact finding stage, our consultants will then discuss with our development team on what is the proposed effort that may be required should there be any customisation for further improvement to your business. An indicative date of deliverables will be proposed.

Report presentation

This report will be unbiased and the objective is to address your organisational needs. An executive summary providing the description of the project, areas of challenges and proposed optimization suggestions, findings and conclusions will be provided. This will allow greater scrutiny by your organization’s evaluators on its viability of meeting your corporate objectives.