ERP Training Service

Transition to any new ERP system is never easy, that is why we understand the importance of good training sessions for users.

In addition, we have gone through many years of experience in providing training services and have understood that group training for more than one customer does not work due to:

  • Different Trade and Industry
  • Users fear in asking wrong questions when present at training sessions
  • Fear of competitors or other companies knowing their requirements

Thus, our dedicated ERP training service is conducted on-site and tailored for different departments and users’ roles. Full training is also given to the administrator of our ERP solution and turnkey system who is responsible for the future configuration, setup and maintenance of the system.

To help your users to have an easy reference for learning, all training sessions are recorded (both visual and audio) such that you can always refer to the video anytime when needed. This will allow you reduced reliance on Synergix in providing re-training, especially for your company’s new staffs.