Synergix Business Analytics

In today’s highly competitive business world, knowledge and speed are key success factors.

The challenge now is how are you able to access information faster than your competitors and create a competitive advantage over them? With Synergix E1 Business Analytics, a part of our ERP solution, we offer you a one-stop access to information about your business at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere so that you can make precise and critical business decisions to propel your company forward. So basically, no more guesswork!

Your business’s efficiency will improve significantly as now you do not need to wait for your staffs to prepare the reports for you, as all you need is a click of a button and you will see the latest figure of your business. Furthermore, if you are in the manufacturing industry, you can manage inventory better, no more stocking excess inventory so you can cut down both stocking and warehouse costs.

Synergix E1 Business Analytics can also allow you to get insights into customer behaviour and therefore identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. This can increase the efficiency of your R&D department and escalate your revenue. Have the system draw your attention to critical business information via our ‘traffic light indicators’ so you can make that decision which is crucial to your competitive edge.

You can get business metrics reports wherever and whenever you want. With over 200 standard reports available, you will be spoilt for choice. Moreover, if you have specific requests, we can design customised reports for you. The Business Analytics allows all levels of employees in your organisation quicker and more accurate reporting. In addition, you can get faster answers to your business questions such as how many new leads, lead conversion rate and what is the profit margin for last month.

Want more flexibility in the statistical reports that you read on a daily basis? Business Analytics Ad-Hoc cube and Ad-Hoc report will allow your staff to further expand upon some of Synergix E1’s standard reports as a data source, where they can freely ‘drag and drop’ the dimensions. You will be excited to know that the export to excel and .csv file formats have never been easier, greatly reducing your need to even to perform simple tasks like cell alignment!

To eliminate your hard work and maximise your return on investment (ROI), you can consider choosing our turnkey system. All you need to do is to tell us what your problems are and what you want to achieve and we will do the rest.