System Architectural Framework

Even for companies in the same industry, more often than not, your needs and requirements are different. To handle these differences effectively, customized solutions are the best way to fully realize your unique business processes. Moreover, these should not be compromised by tedious or long development and deployment processes.

That is why we adopted Java EE 5 which allow a shorter development cycle, translating into lower investment cost for you. It further allows an avenue for our developers to focus more attention on business logic, which is contained in our Java Persistence API (JPA) layer. As our solution is web-based, JSF makes it easier and more convenient for the development of web applications. Our AJAX framework which is built on JSF now makes it capable of using a web application without the page-refresh while updating dynamic content. It allows us to develop user-friendly, responsive and more efficient applications which greatly reduces bandwidth consumption and time during data transmission. With JMS or Web Services, it further streamlines the integration with other critical applications that already exist in your environment.

Our web application is designed to run the platform independently.

At Synergix, we follow a proven methodology to ensure our deliverables meet or exceed clients’ expectations. We have a 20-year history of delivering advanced and innovative solutions to clients of different size and nature. Our framework technology is the reason why we’re able to offer you a highly flexible solution.