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Cheng Meng Furniture Co. (Pte) Ltd
Year 2019
December 2019

Cheng Meng Furniture Co. (Pte) Ltd

16 Dec 2019

We have been using Synergix Technologies’ ERP system since 2007. During these years, we have received numerous calls from other vendors persuading us to change to their software but was turned down by us simply because Synergix Technologies’ ERP system is more user-friendly and we like their budgeting control function within their project management module.

Currently, we are using their purchasing, project management, accounting & inventory module. We like their Project Management module as it helps us to generate our project report easily when it was requested by our management & project team. By using this function, it does allow our management & project staffs to understand more details of the project performance on each individual project.

Besides that, we like their budget control function too. This function will raise an alert to us when the cost exceeds the budgeted cost, and the system will also block the user from submitting the voucher. So far, we have been facing fewer errors while using their ERP system during all these years.

In addition, their helpdesk support and technical support team are responsive and helpful. Whenever we encounter any problems, the team at Synergix Technologies will look into the issue and help us solve it immediately and efficiently. Recently, our server was attacked by ransomware. Their system engineer team did a thorough check, provided valuable advice, reinstalled the APP server, restored our database and the report server and configuration from our existing backup. Their account manager was very helpful towards this issue too! From time to time, they will upload new features or reports for us.

Lastly, we would definitely recommend Synergix Technologies to anyone who requires an ERP system.


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