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DLE M&E Pte Ltd.
Year 2019
January 2019

DLE M&E Pte Ltd.

18 Jan 2019

We have been using TaskHub ERP since April 2014 while initial implementation began a year ago in 2013. During the initial rollout, there were certain concerns by our users since it is our first ERP system implementation. The Project Executive from Synergix who helped us in the rollout as well as training, displayed great patience and helpfulness.

During our discussions, we encountered some limitation with regards to the system process but the consultants often helped us to think of ways to find a workaround solution where possible. After the ERP has gone live, the sales consultant and their team are still helping us to refine the system based on our feedback. They are also accommodating with regards to our requests for software upgrades at times.

To this date, key modules from TaskHub Project Costing Suite (including Project Costing, Subcontractor and Customer Claims, Purchasing and Accounts) are in full use by our team. Overall, we are satisfied with the service level provided by Synergix Technologies.

Your Faithfully,

DLE M&E Pte Ltd

Name: Mrs. Sarah Tham

Designation: Associate Director (Finance & HR)

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