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Feng Ming Construction Pte Ltd
Year 2019
January 2019

Feng Ming Construction Pte Ltd

18 Jan 2019

We have been using TaskHub ERP since April 2014 when initial implementation began a year ago in 2013. During the entire implementation, Synergix worked closely with our consultant from KPMG Singapore in ensuring the system is set up according to our preferred processes.

Today key modules from TaskHub Project Costing Suite (including Project Costing, Purchasing, Accounts) are in full use by our team.

We have also automated our Time Management System which tracks the attendance of our workers and office staff. The full integration to the Payroll and Project costing saves us tremendous amount of time to compute the salary and tracking labour cost to the project.

Synergix had been releasing regularly on free upgrades for customers and we’ve also enjoyed this value-added service from them which allow Feng Ming to receive new features at no additional cost.

I am pleased with the service level provided by Synergix Technologies overall.

Yours Faithfully,

Feng Ming Construction Pte Ltd

Name: Miss. Oi Boon Yen

Designation: Executive Director for Administration

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