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Gold Lite Pte. Ltd.
Year 2019
January 2019

Gold Lite Pte. Ltd.

03 Jan 2019

We’re glad to have chosen Synergix as our software provider. We have been using their accounting software to help us manage and process our company’s daily operations. We started using Synergix Software more than 10 years ago and until now the consistency of their service has been highly satisfactory.

The software is also user-friendly and straightforward, allowing our new employees to quickly and easily learn to use. Over the years, Synergix also keeps on improving their software and enabling us to use it on various platforms with less hassle.

Another great advantage of choosing Synergix is that they are a local-based company. As a result, their helpful support team understands us very well. They are patient and prompt in responding to all our queries and issues.

We greatly appreciate Synergix continue to render the support services for CS software that has been obsolete for more than 5 years. On behalf of our company, we’re pleased with the service and support given to us by Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd and we’re happy to share it with other companies as well.

Yours Sincerely,

Katherine Tang

Account Manager


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