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Honeywell Safety Products
Year 2019
January 2019

Honeywell Safety Products

03 Jan 2019

We have been using TaskHub ERP since February 2009 when initial implementation began in February 2008. Upon implementing Synergix Technologies’s TaskHub, it has helped in our business process in many ways.

Synergix is able to continuously provide us with customisation services to cater for our HQ Honeywell requirements. Most importantly, we are still able to receive the software upgrades.

We would like to commend on the quality of service that was provided by Synergix Technologies which made implementation and training on TaskHub a complete success. The training Synergix provided was on point and concise and thus our staff was trained effectively which lead to the eventual success of the system.

The helpdesk from the first day we use TaskHub till now is still responsive. This gives us the comfort and hence we have been staying with Synergix for more than 10 years.

We will recommend any company that require an ERP system to consider Synergix Technologies’s TaskHub, based on the positive experience that we have with them.

Yours truly,

Name: Darren Tan Wai Kang

Designation: CFO

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