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Year 2019
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Ley Choon Group

03 Jan 2019

We have been using TaskHub ERP since July 2013 when initial implementation began in January 2012. Upon implementing Synergix Technologies’s TaskHub, it has aid in our business process in many ways. Especially e-jobsheet module is a very effective way to allow recording of workers’ movement from site to be passed down to our backend teams, allowing real-time updates for all our projects. Integration did for upload photo via Dropbox also proven useful for our operation. More importantly, modification requested by our company, Synergix was able to fulfill and deliver as per discussion.

We would also like to commend on the quality of service that was provided by Synergix Technologies which made implementation and training on TaskHub a complete success. Training was started in December of 2012 and it took them less than 6 months to get our employees trained. As our solution is heavily customized for our business, their system analysts and project manager’s response time for every problem or question was fast allowing the whole project to be able to run live in a short period of 1 year.

In situations where we would require additional help, their helpdesk is able to solve our problems within a short period of time and minimize any downtime in our business.

We will recommend any company that requires an ERP system to consider Synergix Technologies TaskHub, especially those in the construction business.

Name: Mr. Toh Kai Hock

Designation: Group IT Manager

Ley Choon Group - Ley Choon Group