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Year 2019
January 2019

Quest Technology (S) Pte Ltd

03 Jan 2019

We have been using Taskhub ERP since April 2016. During the entire implementation, Synergix worked closely with our staff in ensuring the system is set up according to our preferred processes.

The key modules that were currently in use include Project & Customer claim, Accounts, Purchase & Logistics, Inventory, Payroll module and it have provided valuable improvements to our workflow and business functions.

The team at Synergix are also very professional and modified the system to best fit our operations. Due to some of our uniqueness in our workflow, we required certain modifications to our standard modules which the developers in Synergix have fulfilled, providing additional value for us to better automate our workflow as compared to other standard off-the-shelves systems.

The project team members are also very patient in guiding and training our users during the implementation and live run process. Their entire support team including helpdesk, project and sales department are always responsive to our service enquiries.

Synergix Technologies have been releasing free upgrades regularly for customers and we too enjoy this value-added service that maintains our system with new features at no additional cost.

Synergix is truly a one-stop solution provider that assist companies to integrate their business functions and we will highly recommend their business solutions to any company looking to improve their work productivity and business efficiency.

Yours Faithfully,

Quest Technology (S) Pte Ltd,

Name: Chen Liqiang

Designation: Director

Email: Tanlk@quest-tech.com.sg

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