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Year 2019
January 2019

SanChoon Builder Pte Ltd

03 Jan 2019

We would like to express our appreciation to Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd for being a professional and competent business partner throughout every stage of implementing TaskHub software for our company.

We have recently implemented TaskHub ERP this year and it has indeed proven itself to be one of the leading ERP software in Singapore. Its Project Solution Suite, while being web-based, is integrated seamlessly with its Procurement and Accounting modules. Especially for its Project Claim and Certification module, TaskHub truly sets itself apart from the rest of ERP system in the market by providing us with an effective solution to speed up and monitor our claims accurately. The automation in material requisition process and project progress update has indeed eased our work processes. In addition, its payroll modules with Biometric TMS has also helped to improve our capturing of workers’ attendance with the GPS feature inbuilt by providing accuracy in time and location captured.

In fact, having these modules have successfully automated and increased our work processes while minimizing any form of errors and miscommunications.

Synergix Team was always responsive and provided extensive care and support to our enquiries. On top of that, the Professional Services Team displayed the utmost patience and professionalism while guiding and training our users.

Therefore, considering the information and insight that we had gathered, our experience with our past accounting software which only provides basic accounting solutions has led us to recommend TaskHub ERP software for any company who is looking for an Integrated ERP solution. We look forward to a continuous pleasant business partnership with Synergix Technologies.

Your Sincerely,

SanChoon Builder Pte Ltd

Tan Siew Wee

Senior Finance Manager

SanChoon Builder Pte Ltd - SanChoon Builder Pte Ltd