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Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd
Year 2019
January 2019

Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd

03 Jan 2019

We decided to implement an ERP Software for our company just last year and we are glad to have engaged with Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd as our solution provider. TaskHub is a fully-integrated and web-based ERP Software which is very user-friendly. We are also happy to be using their integrated TMS which helps us in saving time of manually counting the hours each employee rendered daily. TMS Biometric also helped us to capture fingerprints of workers on site automatically and generate BCA EPPSS reports, so as GPS tracking of each worker’s location.

We’d like to highlight as well the Helpdesk Support team of Synergix who promptly respond to our queries at all times. They are highly dedicated and very warm in welcoming our concerns or questions.

We would recommend Synergix to any companies who are looking at automating their biometric system with ERP software and at the same time who are keen in engaging with dedicated ERP solutions providers.

Yours truly,

The Management of

Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd

Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd - Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd